Abdominal pain (stomach ache) dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

Deal with fears and illness Abdomen pain ( stomachache, gripes) may indicate underlying fears that you must make conscious again, to cope with them. Sometimes the unconscious warns that you may have disease in the abdomen, so that may be appropriate for frequent recurring pain in a dream, and you need a thorough investigation.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Vulgarity if have abdominal pain – The dream is a warning to beware of too much open body and sexuality. Do not be so vulgar;
  • Worries if belly colic or gripes – A stomach colic torments somebody in the dream, means that you will have to handle at home with trouble and concerns;
  • Can’t accept bad things if feeling sick or pain in the belly – In the dream you feel pain in the belly or have stomach ache this signifies that you can not accept what is going on in your life or the things happening around you.

* Please, see meaning of abdomen(belly)

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  1. I dreamed that there was something moving around in my stomach causing terrible pain i could feel the pain in real Life . in the dream i told my boyfriend what was going on And he came to me and started kissing My Stomach And Whispering to it … What could this mean ??

  2. I dreamed that I ate 10 bricks and my daughter at 3 bricks. In my dream, I recognized the significance of numbers 10 and 3… and then said 10 minus 3 (which is 7). The bricks we ate began to hurt our stomachs severely and we had to get them removed.