Abhorrence dream meanings

General Meanings:

The dream that you abhor things or people is an omen that depends on the circumstances.

  • Worries in near future In the dream you enjoy the feeling of dislike, this creates serious difficulties on your way in near future.
  • Overcoming difficulties However, if you do not particularly like just one item or thing and you certainly get rid of this feeling, then you will overcome all your worries and concerns.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Suspicious if despise someone – This dream shows that you have suspicions on a certain person and you will find out that your inner feelings will prove you that you were accurate;
  • Good omen if you are abhorred – In the dream you believe that you are abhorred, signifies that your good intentions will lead others to selflessness;
  • Bad love if lover abhors (for young woman) – In the dream her lover abhors her, means that you will love a man who is at no points will be pleasant to you.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Worries if abhor – In the dream you see disgusting things in front of you and abhor them, this means that you will not avoid inconveniences.

Contexts’ Meanings:

If you dream that you dislike other person, it signifies that there is someone that you hate or abominate. This dream means that the person you abhor does not respect you in one or the other way. In the dream you notice that you are abhorred by the others, this represents your honest purposes among the others. This means that you are a decent person.

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