Abnormality dream meanings

General Meanings:

Unbalanced feelings and minds In the dream abnormality usually stands for something, what holds instinctively wrong or not particularly well-balanced. It is about something abnormal in the sense of extraordinary – for example, an abnormal feeling or sound, then attention should be paid to the stranger of it. For example, in a dream a person laughs at a funeral. This means that the dreamer has to think and deal very carefully with what feelings he has for these people.

Psychological Meanings:

Over-sized abilities or dissatisfaction with the current situation The conscious perception of abnormality, forces the dreamer to deal with aspects of life which are not in such a way as he gladly wish to have. To dream of a dwarf or a giant, may mean that the attention is directed to certain points that have something to do with size or deformation. Means that in the life of the dreamer there is something that is perhaps too big for him.

Spiritual Meanings:

Magic and special abilities Abnormality is related to strange things that usually has magical powers or magical abilities. Dreams related with any kind of abnormal things may indicate supernatural and mystical areas of spiritual life. Abnormality suggests to ask yourself how special you are and what special power you may have. Also, you shouldn’t forget to look around and pay attention to those who may can be very special too.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Gives opportunity to find and solve the problems or questions and reach your goals When you dream of something abnormal, it represents that finally you have found the solution to your problems and you have made up a decision to achieve the task you wanted to solve. When you see things that are abnormal, this signifies your attention to specific phase of the particular question. This means, that you have the opportunity to find the answers to the questions you are looking for. It also can imply that there might be things in your life that you are not fully satisfied. Be aware of the challenges you are going to face, because you will need to work a lot, to solve the problems with which you will meet. But do not worry because you are strong and you will sort them out.

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