Abortion dream meanings


  • Losing the New Self;
  • Can not increase something in life.


What do I think about myself? What part of me is too weak to survive?

General Meanings:

Warning Dreams about an abortion or a miscarriage is the warning about health or connected with happiness of spouse, partner or self. You have to check both if you want to avoid this.

Psychological Meanings:

Rejection and Start from the beginning An abortion, in the broadest sense, is a rejection. For example this dream may indicate the need of feelings or attitude in faith. An abortion is associated with the difficulties in life. The risk, that was taken, has not provided the hoped results and now situation is returning to the starting point.

Rejection of unnecessary things or actions Maybe the dreamer has internalized a new thinking or way of being, which he must reject if he inspects it closer. The dreamer should get lucidity, what kind of actions he has committed. A decision is required for the fact which elements are not needed any more.

Spiritual Meanings:

Spiritual meaning says to the dreamer that he must give up a previously maintained concept.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Insecurity and Healing after difficult experiences If you dream of having an abortion, it represents your own insecurity. This also means that you are insecure and weak while moving forward in your life. The dream may also mean that you had an abortion and only now you are facing it. The dream signifies how guilty and disappointed you are of the actions you did in the past. This is the process of healing and moving forward.

* Please, see meaning of miscarriage.

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  1. I had a dream that I was pregnant with four kids, and I’m a young teenager, in middle school btw, soo my stomach was quickly getting really heavy, and in my mind (while dreaming) I was scared of my stomach stretching too much, and I was also scared of giving birth. So it was like in the first month, that I told my mom, and then I told my dad, but I thought he was gonna yell at me, and whoop me, but he didn’t..and they just acted happy…and then I told them that I wanted an abortion, soo then I did it, and my stomach was slowly shrinking back to normal..I don’t know what this means… And I’m a female, Muslim btw…I don’t know I’m kinda confused, does anyone know what this means??

  2. I had a dream that I was laying in a need and I was being seduced by a woman. I am not bi not gay. But in my dream I was allowing her to touch me and interact sexualy towards me. At the end she asked me to remove all of my clothing and I told her that she was going to far and stood up. She then grabbed a bag of some sort kinda like a huge duché bag and it had something along with blood in it. Some other stuff happened in the dream and then I walk up to her as she seems mortified on what she sees in the bag and urges me to not look I look and it was a dead baby no bigger then my hand but I know it had to be because it was removed to quickly had it not been sucked out of me. I tried to look for a shoe box to bury it and found one and then named it max in my head that name was unisex.

  3. Hello! I dreamed that my mother had an abortion. I was there in the room with her when she suddenly said “I will abort the baby”. She did not listen to me despite my opposition. Then the doctor pulled out three fetuses in her womb. After that they thought it’s all done. Then they realized there’s one more fetus left inside. My mother made the fetus be pulled out too. When I woke up, I thought it was weird. Then a thought occured to me that the fetuses were us, me and my siblings, and the last fetus who was never realized at first was my little brother who also came late into our family. But I really dont know. What is the significance? Please, could someone tell me?

  4. I had a dream that I was getting an abortion, but I was scared to do it the regular way, so I was given a pill to take, & I took it & killed my baby, this is my 1st time being pregnant so Google has been my Bestfriend, someone explain to me if this is the same meaning if actually pregnant, thank you

  5. Hi, I dreamed that I was having pain and went to a female doctor and she was examining me and after feeling around she asked me if I had an abortion. I immediately insisted that it had to be a miscarriage because I didn’t realise I was pregnant and I will never abort a child. My fiance and I had been trying for a year to get pregnant and we haven’t so I wouldn’t do such a thing. She told me I needed to come back for a D & C and then I left. I was so afraid to tell my fiance in the dream because I didn’t know what he would do. I kept thinking “I killed my baby, I killed my baby”.

    I don’t know what this dream means. I have never been pregnant in my life, thus I have never had a miscarriage or an abortion. This dream worries me a little. What could it possibly mean?