Abscess dream meanings

General Meanings:

Fear of disease and The Need of cleaning The dream of disease shows the opposite sides and includes that you enjoy good health or a speedy recovery, if you are sick. Generally, this symbolizes exaggerated fear of (infectious) disease, but sometimes unacknowledged disgust at your own body and needs of compulsive cleaning.

Psychological Meanings:

A mark on your skin as a signal of mental illness Abscess is a warning sign of negative thoughts and feelings, with which you can hurt yourself mostly because you “decompose” success and joy for life. Soon you have to free yourself from this. In emotional crises abscess stands for the fear that an unclear soul pain leads to psychosomatic illness, so that you “must wear it on your own skin” as a mark because of what you have done.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Concerns if have abscess – To have a chronic condition related with abscess in your dream, this signifies misfortune in your life because of others behavior.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Richness goes with worries if body covered with sores – In the dream you see yourself covered with many sores and abscesses, this denotes that you will be very rich, but you will have worries because of authority;
  • Be careful with your wealth if someone has been infected by the plague – This dream shows that the wealth which was concealed will come to light. You can not hide this anymore and false friends try to use you;
  • Richness if light rash – The dreamer has his body covered with light-colored rash, means that he will extent his property;
  • Worries if rash is dark – This dream announces that with the property that you have you will get into serious trouble;
  • Money if swollen – This dream will bring you a lot of money.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Troubles if have abscess – This dream stands for worries and significant problems associated with the current situations.

Contexts’ Meanings:

The dream explains that there are things that were not fully exposed, your goals are not fulfilled. Also means that you need to clean your bad thoughts which disturbs you to move toward the success.

* Please, see meaning of ulcer, disease, plague.

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