Absence dream meanings

General Meanings:

If you are feeling pain due the absence of a person, it means repentance because of hasty action. If you are pleased with the absence of friends – soon you will have one less of your enemies.

Psychological Meanings:

Emptiness and instability A dream about an absent person or about the absence of a subject points to the fact that something unexpected happens. Perhaps the dreamer was looking for something lost, but however his feelings about the absence (fear or anger) are really important. A child experiences absence of his mother as a loss, which can be a traumatic experience. The dreamer is in a situation, where he possibly suffers from a loss or somebody rejects him, in the real life he truly needs for care. A dream where the environment is known for the dreamer and he is missing for a beloved object or person, this points to a feeling of instability.

Spiritual Meanings:

Experience of the absence or a sense of emptiness can be a sign of abandonment.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Marriage if absent of death friend – This dream announces about marriage, you found your your soul mate.

Contexts’ Meanings:

To dream that someone is absent, when you expected to see, signifies your loss of something. It could be someone you loved, something you loved to do before (your last occupation) or something you felt comfortable with. This also can be the meaning of loneliness and emptiness.

* Please, see meaning of foreign countries.

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