Academy dream meanings

General Meanings:

Missed opportunities To visit an academy in a dream – you will be sorry because you have missed opportunities of pure laziness and indifference.

Surrender to reach goals To perform as a college student or to be in college, you’re going to give up quickly with your ambitions and aims.

Inability to use knowledge and complete the task Although you will gain knowledge, but you will be unable to make it useful and applicable. The return to an academy for students means that expectations that are placed on you, you can not comply.

Psychological Meanings:

Suppressed mind and feelings An academy is a dream for systematic learning and suggests a further development. On the other hand, it can also indicate restraints that prevent the dreamer’s mind and his creative potential to develop freely. Maybe he puts too much into a tight corset his way of thinking, habits and prejudices, which hindered him now.

Live in reality and use the possibilities Dreaming of academy can stand as the “ivory tower”, suggests to live more in reality and to exploit the fullness of the possibilities. Dream about visiting a school may also symbolize the development of the spiritual and the mental levels. According to the real circumstances of life such dreams point to the individual case, also specific scientific success and academic honoring.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Mental progress if see an academy – This dream suggests that you have to love and to start knowing the art, the music. These will help you to make spiritual progress and to lighten your inner feelings;
  • Troubles with happy ending if visit an academy or school – In the dream you visit an academy, shows that you will have to overcome many obstacles, but they will bring you luck in the future;
  • Honor if elected as master in an academy – This symbolizes great honor, but at the same time monotonous life;
  • Reducing and misfortune if make a project in academy – The dream signifies that you will have reduction in the circumstances that you have now; The same condition in dream for singles announce that your intended marriage will be marked by misfortune.

M. Ibn Sirin dreambook:

Academy is qualified as an Institute by muslim interpreter of dreams M. Ibn Sirin
Islamic dream meanings and interpretations about Institute by Muhammad Ibn Sirin

Institute — (Academy; College; School)

Memories from the youth To dream of your own college or school represents your commitment, an agreement, a covenant, an oath, reminiscence or memories. In the dream to visit your own institute shows reminiscences about a place which is full of memories, plans, emotions, hopes, anxieties. Such dream could also indicate an old home of the dreamer. Other meaning when you visit your own academy, college, institute, or school in a dream, may also be interpreted as indication which foretells that you will revisit one of them again.
(Also see School or University)

Contexts’ Meanings:

If you dream of an academy then this sign could have the meaning of new relationships or chances that you will be given in the future. It also symbolizes the luck in love, new family, new opportunities which you will have in your life.

* Please, see meaning of school, institute, university.

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