Accordion dream meanings

General Meanings:

The wish to have social satisfaction The accordion is a folk instrument – in dream it illustrates social gaiety and happiness, exuberance and the desire for it.

Lack of freedom to act freely However, it can warn against a superficiality and lack of restrain or carelessness, frivolity. It should be noted, what is played on the accordion or by whom it is played. These symbols are also very important in a dream and have additional meanings.

Psychological Meanings:

Pleasure and better life To hear playing accordion in a dream, indicates that you will participate in entertainment which you’ll tear out from your gloomy brooding. The accordion in dream is a sign that your future will be much happier.

Love If young woman was dreaming about an accordion or was playing with one in a dream, then such dream indicates that she will win the heart of her lover by a particular sad event; in spite of that lies lasting luck about her respect.

Worries with health Dreaming about a broken accordion or hearing bad sounds from an accordion – this is a bad sign of illness or disease and love sickness or heartache.

Spiritual Meanings:

On spiritual level an accordion stands for harmony in a relationship sense, perhaps you would expect more of it, but should not underestimate this modest happiness.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Some sad events if listen and play happy music – To listen playing or to play yourself happy songs with an accordion in your dream, this indicates short period of the sadness;
  • Success if listen and play happy music – To hear sad songs or to play sad song with an accordion in the dream, it is a sign that happy and successful time is approaching.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Too monotonous life To hear playing the accordion, symbolizes that the joy and the luck you had is becoming not so joyful for you and you could get depressed in your near future.

Take care of your health If you see yourself playing the accordion in your dream, this could be the warning that you are not so healthy as you used to be. Make sure that you have enough rest and do not have any physical ailment. If there is someone who is playing accordion on the stage it could be the meaning of unexpected invitation to a party.

Luck If someone plays the accordion, this symbolizes the luck you will have without anyone helping you around.

Don’t miss your success When you see that you are taking the lessons or someone is teaching you how to play the accordion, this could be the sign that you do not have to trust the man in your life, as this person the loved one. Because he is taking you away from success you are going to receive.

* Please, see meaning of music.

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