Acorns dream meanings

General Meanings:

The beginning of everything Acorns as a dream symbol indicates that from small beginning a huge growth will occur in your life. Acorn (fruit of the oak) is the bud in which the full-grown oak tree, this dream marks that you are ready to growth in your life and to seek your aims and to realize them. The seeds of the oak stand for the germinating life, a fresh start but with limited funds. Sometimes the acorn also signifies about an experience that will make the considerable influence to your future. The following meanings:

  • To see an acorn this dream may announce about hardship and poverty.
  • Collect acorns in the dream denote about financial results because of lots of efforts.
  • To pick up acorns from the ground, this dream helps you to gain advantages and respect.
  • Acorns fall from the tree in the dream, this marks that you are going to miss an opportunity.
  • Sometimes the acorn symbolizes the unswerving loyalty for another man and you can rely completely on his own intentions.

Psychological Meanings:

More patience The germ of an idea exists in the acorn. Now the life requires you patience, whether in dealing with yourself or with others.

New start Also the dream of an acorn, represents you as a confident, strong and dexterous person. This dream represents the beginning of actions you will take and you will make big and advantageous results.

Spiritual Meanings:

Acorns symbolize life, fertility and immortality. They also stand for the androgynous.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Good life if see green, with branch acorn – In your dream you see green with branch acorn in serious advertising for the dreamer, this dream will bring you honor of old people, nice things and great profits;
  • Hard work if search for acorns – To search for acorns in the dream this marks that you will have to work very hard to get out of a difficult situation;
  • Good chance if see green acorns on the tree or scattered on the ground – Then this dream indicates that you will have an ability to improve really important affairs;
  • Making damage if pick green acorns near the tree –  When you pick green acorn near the tree in the dream, then this means that you damage your own interests by haste and indiscretion;
  • Wealth if collect acorns – You are collecting acorns in the dream, then you may expect big profits and strength, health, happiness;
  • Missed opportunity if see falling from the tree – You are dreaming that you are in the park and you see that the acorns are falling from the tree then this means that you will miss a good deal because you were too relaxed;
  • Frustration if rotten or dried acorns – The acorns are rotten or dried then this dream will bring you disappointment and rejection of others;
  • Experience if give acorns for pigs as food – You are feeding pigs with acorns then you will have a happy experience or unexpected event;
  • Evaluation if see acorn on the ground and pick it up – The dream represents joy that you will have after hard work;
  • Wonderful future if eat acorns – You see yourself eating an acorn so it is the sign of happy, easy future and wealthy life you are going to have;
  • Influence if pluck and shake tree – In the dream you see yourself trying to pluck the acorns from the tree and shaking the tree, then this dream signifies that you can make good influence on other people.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • little success if see acorns – You see acorns in the dream, then this dream announces you small benefits and little satisfaction;
  • Respect if pluck acorns – You pluck acorns from the tree in the dream, then in your real life you have to be happy because people respects and admires you.

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  1. This is realy helpful. But i was wondering what it means when someone in your dream hands you a handful of brown acorns. (The guy that I used to have a crush on handed them to me.)