Acrobat dream meanings

General Meanings:

Worries and Obscurity When acrobats perform in your dream, this may be an indication of an approaching calamity or disaster, especially if the trick fails. Then you move under circumstances to unknown territory.

Warning to be careful and watchful Acrobats can also allude to your own desire for perfection and the feeling of confidence. If in a dream you’ve missed the hand as an acrobat or a partner is forced to release their hands off the trapeze, then such dream indicates that a situation may not work so correctly. Up to 7 days after such dream you should not take any trips.

Psychological Meanings:

Risky person who is showing his incredible abilities If you’ve dreamed of a breathtaking trapeze act and you were the star of the circus, then such dream indicates that you have appetite for risky ventures and you will prove your skills to others – but not secretly and discreetly.

Desire for recognition Acrobatic tricks in dream shows that the dreamer wants to shine, to enjoy the admiration of others. The dreamer is seeking for affirmation and applause – even if he or she has to risk his life and neck.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • More attention if see someone else as an acrobat – This dream shows that other’s concerns will stop you from performing dangerous plans. You will consider more before making important decisions;
  • Mockery if be acrobat or perform an acrobatic tricks – In the dream you are an acrobat and perform tricks means that you will mock from your opponents;
  • Warning and Worries if women has dream that she is acrobat – The dream warns you, that your reputation is at risk and also announces concerns in your business;
  • Favor if young woman sees acrobats in tight clothes – This shows that you will get favor from men.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning if dreaming of an acrobat – The dream warns that your activities are very dangerous – you should consider them again, before it isn’t too late.

M. Ibn Sirin dreambook:

Acrobat can be qualified as a Jumping by muslim interpreter of dreams M. Ibn Sirin
Islamic dream meanings and interpretations about Jumping by Muhammad Ibn Sirin

Jumping — (Acrobatic; Acrobat; Bounce; Hop; Leap)

To dream that you are hopping on one leg – symbolizes moving from an old place into a new one. If the dreamer takes a broad leap with one jump – indicates traveling.
(Also see dedicated page about Jumping and Jump)

Contexts’ Meanings:

Dreaming yourself as an acrobat (be an acrobat) – Fear to meet bad people who wants to harm you. If you see yourself as an acrobat in your dream, it represents that you are afraid of other people who will try to make obstacles in your way, when you will try to achieve the results you want to achieve. Also this dream warns about possible mistakes, which can damage your reputation. Do not risk so much.

To perform or act as an acrobat in the dream – Be ready to compete with others. If you dream that you perform an acrobatic tricks, it symbolizes that your competitors will be more superior than you are. Make sure that you are ready to compete with your competitors like in a contest.

Making risky acrobatic tricks in your dreams – This dream shows that you are very risky person. Also indicates that you have abilities to deal with really hard challenging events. If the acrobat falls down – this dream wants to mark that you will have treachery of close people, intrigues of rivals and enemies. The flying acrobat in the dream, marks the ability to reach high claims.

Seeing a show, performance of acrobatic tricks in the dream – This is a sign that the dreamer desires for more recognition. In the waking life you have to get attention and evaluation from the others, only because of good and hard works. Do not be afraid to show your talents or ideas. You are very prosperous person. Because we all start only from the beginning, learning step by step to reach the highest position.

* Please, see meaning of artist, skill.

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