Address dream meanings

Contexts’ Meanings:

  • Old address – When you dream of the address you used to live, this symbolizes your past. Make sure you look at your past and if there were any inaccurate decisions you made, do not hesitate, but learn from them.
  • New address – If you dream of the new address, this is a sign that you have to make new alterations in your life. Maybe the change could be a new job, or new partner, or new lifestyle.
  • Writing on envelope (letter) – If you writing an address on an envelope and sending it, it means that there are more opportunities you need to discover. When you make an important changes in your life, make sure you think twice before you will make the ultimate solution.

General Meanings:

  • Dreaming about an address means that¬†certain matters require your attention ¬†– perhaps the current way in the life of the dreamer.
  • Dreaming of an address as a destination, such as a letter or a package, indicates the new activity, or can mean the exploration of possibilities for new activity.
  • To dream that something is addressed to a group means that you must share your knowledge with others.
  • Dreaming that you are searching for the post to send your letters with own address means high selfishness, egoism. The bigger the letter with the dreamer’s name is, the more inflated sense of his own importance is.
  • Those who repeatedly have dreamed the address of the partner (on door signs, business cards, in the phone book, etc.) – wish to share his life and request marriage “I want to be with you together and forever!”

Psychological Meanings:

To dream a known address may indicate a place of safety where the dreamer feels comfortable and safe.
Dreaming of an old address indicates that the dreamer have to look back and to think about old behaviors and attitudes.

Spiritual Meanings:

On spiritual level dreams about an address shows that the dreamer’s spirituality got an identity.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Warning if write an address in dream – The dream is a sign that you have to pay attention to your financial affairs and don’t let yourself to engage in risky speculation.

* Please, see meaning of letter, package.

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