Agate dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Deep sorrow if a ring or a small black stone – In the dream you see a ring with agate, then you can expect disagreements and grief in your life;
  • Happiness if large polished stone with a distinctive eye – This is very good sign which will bring you material happiness;
  • Love if see awesome agate – The dream announces luck in love;
  • Addiction if see agate jewelry – When you dream and see jewelry with agate, this signifies that you incline to the obsession. You have to be very attentive with spending;
  • Mockery if wear – The dream warns that you mock yourself.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Stupidity if see jewelry  – This dream shows that you will experience stupidity of others, which can damage your position and reputation.

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


Colorfully; Thirst-quenching; Protective.


Agate is a widespread Chalcedon or quartz, which is provided with irregular color surfaces. In the antiquity one believed that the agate satisfies the thirst, and it was carried by a lot of travelers.

General Meaning

A colorful aspect of yourself which protects you protects and nourishes emotionally.

Transcendent Meaning

The image that you see in a dream in an agate, is the key to this dream.

* Please, see meaning of precious stones, quartz.

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