AIDS dream meanings


Hopelessness; Guilt or self-denial, dependency.


Am I ready to quit to condemn myself and others?

Psychological Meanings:

Panicky fear Who dreams that he constantly looks for gloves and at every conceivable opportunity pulls on rubber gloves (a symbol of the condom), could suffer from an irrational fear of AIDS that is perhaps not aware of him. Now everywhere topicality presented theme of AIDS, this represents the desire to reject the fear which assigns a general AIDS panic. However, only one thing can help, you can learn about the real risk of this situations.

* Please, see meaning of epidemics.

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  1. So I had this dream where i met a young couple (met them in a village that was entirely made of wood). they said they had a child who was 5 years old, but was very sick. they told me he had AIDS. Somehow I traveled to that little boy, he was quite far away from his parents. he lived in this kind of broken shack that looked like it was just made of wooden planks, and they themselves were breaking off. he looked at me with these adult like eyes, (he was much shorter than me) and thats all i remember.

    This asosiates me with a friend who said he looked “like a 5 year old girl”, so I’m not sure.. But, yeah.. It’s been on my mind..