Airplane dream meanings


Quick overcome over long distances.


Is there a realization of how fast everything is changing?

General Meanings:

In General the airplane represents many aspects of everyday life, relationships, views, thoughts lifestyle and many others. But such dreams also signifies loses, fears, behaviour in everyday situations and many others. The dream is the reflection of the state the dreamer is at the moment of his life, therefore it is very important to parallel the state of your mind towards changes in your life with the dreams you are having.
The airplane could also symbolize the desires the one has, as how to reach the targets he set himself or the fears of taking new advantages or dealing with the old ones.
There are some abstract situations that are related to airplanes which follows different context in different dreams:

Plane which struggles
Sometimes the dream about airplanes are unpleasant, because of the defects of the plane which causes panic, fear and other negative emotions, therefore such dream indicates unfavorable conscious mind of the dreamer.

The flight causes positive emotions
Everything that is related to dream, affects only on the positive aspects of the dreamer;s feelings, for example, the flight gives the feeling of freedom, liberation and happiness.

Psychological Meanings:

On the psychological level, the airplane denotes to the thoughts, wishes and desires that are hard to reach and achieve or such dream shows the thirst for the freedom the one has.
Consider, that on the psychological level the plane as the object has the associations with penis and it’s ability to perform. The flight, as the action, is interpreted as the intercourse between two individuals, especially if the color of the airplane is red.
There are certain situations or problems, but not necessary the lifestyle, that causes dreams about planes and flights. Depending on the state of the dreamer the airplane may be crashed, which could show negative thoughts or unreachable targets, or the plane could be flying very highly which would show the high standards and expectations the one set for himself.

Spiritual Meanings:

On the spiritual level, the airplane represents the journey through life the one is having.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

A journey if see the plane – to dream that you saw the plane, shows that there is a possibility of the trip the one will have;
Will avoid unpleasant experience if the plane disappeared – to dream of seeing the plane, but after a while seeing it disappeared into the clouds, denotes to luck the one will have, while dealing with certain problems or plans;
Will achieve the plans if having the flight – to dream of having a smooth flight, denotes to success the one will have at anything he will do.

Arabian (Islamic)

Big plans to be achieved if see the plane – to dream of seeing the plane flying up in the sky, shows high expectations the one made for himself;
Improvement of the power if having the flight in the airplane – the one that was having the dream in which he was having a flight in the plane, will gain the power between the competitors.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Delayed flight
To dream that the flight of the airplane was delayed, denotes to suspended ideas, which can not be realised, because of some factors. The dream may also be an indication of suppressed thoughts, which are not materialized.

Plane is taking you to another direction
If the dreamer has a dream about the airplane that is taking him to another direction, then he supposed to be taken, then it denotes to unexpected changes in your life. These changes could be both – positive and/or negative, depending on the situation.

Dreaming of biplane
The desire for independence and the dreamer has lots of courage if he saw or was managing the biplane by himself. Such dream could also show the conservative views of the dreamer,or the longing for the old times, as the bipolar is something older than regular airplane.

Difficulties of airplane’s landing
The dream in which the dreamer experience some difficulties while landing, shows the doubts, fears and inability to be in control of situation. There is a fear of losing the ability to be in charge of the things or doubts about certain decisions that has been made.

The airplane has been attacked
To dream of the plane that was attacked by invaders, signifies the criticism the one has towards others or himself. Maybe there were things, which were done in an inappropriate way, therefore the dreamer feels sorry for that.

Falling out of plane
Sometimes there are hopes and targets, that were set up too high, therefore the one is afraid of losing in certain situation or is unable to fulfill his own ideas. In this case, the dream warns about subconsciousness of the dreamer and his doubts about his ability to make the fulfillment.

Taking a long flight with the airplane
The one who had a journey with the airplane might be the one who is not afraid to leave things behind. The dreamer understands that the life goes on and no matter what the past brought to him, he is moving forward, making new decisions, tasks and goals he set himself up.

Private plane/jet
To dream of the private plane or jet, signifies independence of the dreamer and/or desire to be apart from others. Sometimes there is a need to do everything by yourself, therefore the one wishes to be in control. Alternatively, the dream could be an indication for the wish to be successful, rich and able to own his own actual jet.

Plane is falling
The worries the dreamer has, reflects in his dreams. There are things the one is afraid of such as failing, losing the confidence and things that are not done. Sometimes the dream in which the plane is falling or going down, but is not crashed yet, could refer to unfulfilled dreams or broken hopes.The action of the plane itself shows the ideas, hopes, thoughts that are going down.

Crashed airplane
The dreams about crashing planes are very common and have many different meanings depending on the circumstances of the dream. Sometimes it could show the fear for something or losing the ability to control the things, the dream could also suggest to look around at the circumstances you are living in, or at the certain situation you are taking a look at and dealing with it. In general, the main meaning of the dream is the fear of things getting bad.
Fear of the future
The dream in which the one sees the plane crashing, denotes to uncertainty of the future and everything that is waiting for you ahead. Maybe at this time of your life, you are not feeling stable financially, emotionally and afraid to face the facts and do something about it. Make sure you recognize these features, only then will be able to find out which part of your life you feel is crashing just like the airplane in your dream.
Fear of your productivity
Sometimes the one who dream of plane crash, has doubts about his performance and ability to achieve the results he and others were hoping for. Maybe there are uncertainty of how good the one is, therefore it reflects in his dreams about the failure, which actually did not happen yet.

Plane crashes into the sea
The one who sees the airplane, that crashes into the sea, shows the ideas and thoughts that are drowned deep down into the sea or ocean. The one who had such dream feels hopeless about certain idea, or projects, or situation he is in or willing to be.

Airplane crashes with a family member
Sometimes the dream, in which the one sees his loved ones being in airplane crash shows the fear for losing those people. If the wife, husband, daughter, son, a very close friend or any other of your relatives are involved in the airplane accident, then such dream signifies the feeling of helpless. There are things the dreamer is afraid of, such as losing the ones he loves and inability to help them, depending on the relationships you are in.

Boarding airplane
The boarding as the action in the dream shows the preparation for something very important the one is willing to do. Maybe there is a certain project that is going to start developing, or any other important life event is about to happen. Sometimes the dream about the boarding plane indicates the step the one is willing to take, but still afraid of doing so.

Two, three or more airplanes
The dream in which the dreamer sees more than one plane, means that there are more than one problem the dreamer is worrying about. Maybe there are things that the dreamer is afraid of, therefore he keeps dreaming of the planes. It could also be a suggestion to concentrate on one particular problem, get it solved instead of trying to solve more than one thing.

The wings of the plane
The wing of the airplane is one of the most important parts in the plane, therefore it is inseparable from it. The one who dreams of the wing or wings of the plane, feels that one part of the problem or situation is exceptionally important, depending on the circumstances of the wing if it is on fire or flying fine. If the wing or wings are on fire, such dream would mean that there are some problem which you should be aware of.

Doors of the plane
The doors of the airplane are made for the exit, therefore as the symbol in the dreams,the doors would symbolize the exit out of something. Maybe the dream is a suggestion and a clue for the dreamer, to see, that there is a way for a certain problem to solve or the exit for something to be figured out.

Windows of the airplane
The one who dreams about seeing the windows of the plane is about to discover more than one way to solve the problems to the questions he always had. Windows are the symbol of the many ways and opportunities the dreamer is going to have. The one should not be afraid of taking risks,as everything will flow perfectly, because of the chances the one will get.

* Please, see meaning of flying, flight, birds, journey, airport.

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  1. Dreampt the plane was in the air prepared to land. An attendant opened a back door, in which I stepped out and door closed without her realising I was out there. So I climbed on top of the plane and laid down facing the landing field where someone working on the ground Landing field saw me and signaled my safety from all obstacles the rest of the way in to a safe landing. I was a bit nervous but not scared.

  2. In my dream a plane was blown up and crashed into the white house…. guessing ired from fear of what is going on there and what the future will bring. The dream was very intense, I heard the loud noises and was at a house near by with people I did not recognize and in a place I did not know. Was all very strange.

  3. I had a dream that I take a private jet with my children, it flew very high and we landed safely while expecting to start a journey again. I was flying while seeing the outside world very clear. Help me to interpret my dream please.
    Thank you.

  4. I saw I was in an airoplane with some unknown passangers and suddenly the plane started shaking and crashed however at the end I found the plane at the ground with all pessangers safe . what exaclty does it mean and what should I do in my real life about such a dream.

  5. Hi, I got a dream that I was in a room kinda place and I witnessed one aircraft was taking off towards my direction and the other was landing in the direction I was facing, so basically both the aircrafts were in perfect opposite direction. Now, the one which was landing crashed with a heavy whine and the other took off successfully. I am totally confused. It was a passenger plane and the landing plane crashed vertically with its nose down with a very loud sound like an explosive.

  6. Hi, I got a dream that I was in a room kinda place and I witnessed one aircraft was taking off towards my direction and the other was landing in the direction I was facing, so basically both the aircrafts were in perfect opposite direction. Now, the one which was landing crashed with a heavy whine and the other took off successfully. I am totally confused.

  7. I dreamt of catching up on a flight…..and on my way to the airport,I experienced so many obstacles….I had to pass through a rocky part,fly and jump obstacles….I even met a woman whom I considered to be my enemy….but I escaped her without her noticing….and finally when I got there,I met a few friends who asked me what I was doing there…when the plane was about to move people started rushing to catch up through windows and all available entries but I told myself I wasn’t gonna rush…..please help me with the interpretation

  8. Hi I m a pilot I saw I was flying the plane as a pilot and on final approach I was unable to land den I saw der is no pilot on board I m d only one who is flying DT plane den my frnd came he switched off some switch and den I saw i m nt able to land dis time den i decided I will do go around and I saw d trouble in front on me der so many tree I m not able to climb properly I increase my aircraft pitch den my plane change d direction and I crashed in nose down direction den againg my dream start I saw one more plane in d sky and dis time I landed my plane but not on d runway some other place. Please help me what kind of dream is dis I don’t have job right nw as a pilot and I love my job I m not able to loss did job plzzz help me

  9. I had an apocalyptic dream, towards the end I was walking through a wreckage after an object came flying towards the crowd I was walking in. We couldn’t make out what it was bs were terrified. As it got closer it looked like an airplane tail end ( vertical stabilizer rutter, tail end)

    Shortly after we were enclosed by water.

    I am taking a trip soon, and I’m worried about it. Could this be the reason, or can this be a warning?

  10. I had a dream that I was going on vacation with my whole family. (Mom, Dad, Step Mom, Grandma, Nanny, my 2 little brothers, 4 sisters, and my best friend) and we were boarding a plane which I would never do because I’m afraid of planes and heights. We were taking off and We got all the way up in the sky and then the plane started shaking and we crashed. Could this just be a reminder that I am afraid of losing these people because they are the most important people to me?

  11. i dreamed that i was in a private plane,nd i didnt knew how to fly it,,but theres one guy behind me teaching how ..i was so afraid but when i did it,, i was so happy,i did it easily

  12. I’m a single full time Woking parent. I dreamed I had brought tickets for myself and two children to fly up north to visit my brother. Though in the dream the tickets purchased were for 2 different plains, I felt very stressed in the dream and remember crying as this was the last of our saving I had purchased the tickets with , the tickets appeared to be for an over seas trip in my dream,

  13. Very confused about my Dream today. I was hobe alone. It was not my home, but i was put there, Because i was not allowed to go with the others, who also lived in the house. These were people I knew from my life, especially friends and family members. I was not allowed to go for a journey with them because they considered me crazy or I just could not go with them for some reason. I was kept in the house with some one like a door-keeper who had all contact with the outside world. I was not supposed to worry about the outside world.. Then I suddenly feel as tho something is happening to my family whilst in the house and waiting for them to arrive. I look at the clock and it’s 8 pm. And I’m teellig the door-keeper that something is wrong they are late And I just know. I made him worried to check the news, and whilst he does that, a plane suddenly lands 1 cm away from the house I am in with the door-keeper. While he is checking the news I look outside the window and there I as a huge plane , and I know all my family members are in it. I go out the house and I notice 2 family members stand in the door of the plane. I am not allowed to get inside the plane because something is happening there, something dangerous to my family members, and I want to know what is going on, but the two family members tell me I am not allowed to know. The plane is not touching the house i was in but i start to Worry and wonder that in order to save the people in the plane they have to blow up the centre of the house we lived in, im very nervous about this. ! I try to tell the family memebers in the door not to Damage the important house , but because I am worried about my family I don’t really care and I just want to get into the plane and help them, but I am not allowed! Instead , one of the family members in the door, my female cousine, Hands me over a baby throug the door! I realize she wants me to take Care the baby while the tradegy happens, Because thay are not allowed outside. When I pick up the baby I do not hesitate, feel it is my responsibility and still worried , I take the baby to my arms and feel a huge love for the baby instantly. With worry about my family but also with love to this baby who I think was a girl I wake up…. Wonder what this dream is telling me. Am going through many changes and I am very nervous about letting go of my families respection of how I should be. In a place in my life where I am About to find myself and believe in myself but am very nervous about my family… And my responsibilities.

  14. In my dream my family and I were on a large plane.(we had no idea where we were going but weren’t concerned) & when I looked outside of the plane I saw an ex lover I haven’t thought of in years. He was in a cage and kept telling at me to help him. Then he was attacked by an alligator and I went to bandage him up. When I got to him I scared myself awake thinking the alligator would get me next.

    • please kindly show me the interpretation of my dream. i had a dream that a passinger plane crush inside tamale that is our regional capital. in the dream i saw that the plane was flying so high and suddenly one of its wings the right side just cut off and started burning with fire. i was not in the plane, incidentally i saw people falling down from the plane. and i grab two persons from the plane to safety but they were partly burnt. when i went to the scene it turn out to be a government buss. please kindly interpret the meaning of the dream for me.