Alabaster dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Success if see a thing made of alabaster – This dream announces a gift and one of the most important -the ¬†success in all legal matters;
  • Sorrow if break up the thing of alabaster – In the dream you break an item or a thing made of alabaster this will bring you grief and remorse;
  • Losses if lose an alabaster container or vessel of incense – This dream shows that a young woman will lose a lover or property, because she does not pay attention to her reputation.

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


Soft, Hard, Adoptable, Foundation stone


Alabaster is the mineral which is associated with the Northern Guardian of the Spirit. The alabaster may be both soft and hard typo of gypsum used for building.

General Meaning

With the paradoxical nature of alabaster this can mean that you live through either, a very adaptable or a very inflexible phase of your life.

Transcendent Meaning

This is a help to discover the softness which is the real key to your strength. A help to retain you from too big immobility.

* Please, see meaning of gemstone.

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