Albatross dream meanings

General Meanings:

Happiness  and luck The albatross is certainly not a very common dream symbol. The albatross dream symbol is a lucky symbol. This announces an improvement in the situation and brings glad and happy news. This bird has a huge wingspan and can fly up very high and this stands for freedom.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Good news if see an albatross – In the dream you see an albatross, this announces you good and positive news which may change your life;
  • Bad sign if kill an albatross – To kill an albatross in the dream is a very bad omen, you will have worries and difficulties and bad period in your life;
  • Unpleasant things if shot an albatross – The birds is shot in the dream this is a warning that you have done bad decision in your life and this will bring you unpleasant things;
  • Good life if see flying an albatross in the sky – Very positive dream, which shows harmony in your life and fulfillment of your desire. You are on the right way;
  • Confusion if see injured albatross – In the dream you see an injured albatross, this announces you confusion and danger in your life in your life.

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  1. I’m so grateful of this insight and revelation. I had a dream today of a big bird with beautiful shiny green, purple to black feathers. It was constantly following me no matter how I tried to run away from it until I held it in my arms and stroked it. It was kind to me but not to anyone who tried to come near me. I heard the name albatross and got the spelling in my dream.