Alcohol dream meanings


Relaxation, let yourself go; exemption from responsibility.


What would I like to let go or to release?

General Meanings:

A symbol of heightened and increased emotionalism, lack of restraint, the state of intoxication – and for lack of clarity during the discussion of current problems. In the dream you are ” pleasantly tiddly “, this expresses the wish for uncontrolled pleasure, after ecstatic sensations (also sexually). The negative variant of this dream – you feel helplessly drunk and feel extradited – symbolizes the fear of inhibitions break down, to let go, etc. – the “hangover” (repentance) is expected as an inevitable consequence.

Desire to escape from responsibilities Frequent intoxication dreams generally point to the tendency to avoid or to escape from unpleasant situations – the harsh reality.

Also the meaning of the dream depends on the type of alcohol:

  • Drinking wine in the dream – The red wine signifies blood. Consumption of wine marks sociability, satisfaction, relaxation, pleasure, luxury and wealth life.
  • Drinking beer – The beer represents youth and free of worries and troubles. Enjoyment of life and company. Harmony with yourself and the environment.
  • Drinking champagne – The joyful period of your life. Luxury and richness is announced for you. You have achieved your goals and now you can enjoy this.
  • Drinking whisky, brandy or other spirits – These symbols stand for worries and negative emotions. the desire to run away from worries and responsibilities, escape from reality.

Psychological Meanings:

The wish to come out of the shell If you dream of alcohol, you may have a need or a desire for an exhilarating experience or positive or joyful influences. The dreamer has a means to change its perceptions. He can afford to come out of his shell and to let “flow of things” that happens to him.

Mental force, behavior Alcohol is a “spiritual” beverage for the spiritual forces that determine the behavior and actions. In the dream it can express the need for more mental stimulation and acting out repressed life opportunities, which perhaps may be hindered by too strict morality. The dreamer recognizes the opportunities that lie in emotional confusion, and provides the clarity that may arise out of it.

Spiritual Meanings:

Alcohol as “mind” is the conjunction of opposites, meaning a change of consciousness.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Good choice if drink a glass of alcohol – This dream shows spiritual force or the right intuition, you are on the right way;
  • Good friends if drinking with some people – This shows that you have some attitudes to these person or one of them. If you enjoy drinking you trust this person;
  • Drowning worries if drinking alcohol in excess – Marks that you are trying to hide yourself  or something that you did from the others. You want to drown shame, worries;
  • Greedy if drinking lots of alcohol – The dream signifies that you are trying to reach more and more. You do not enjoy with what you have now, you are very greedy. You try to obtain and to own even more and more things;
  • Happy about your life if enjoy drinking an alcohol in moderation – You are happy and satisfy with your decisions and works that you done;
  • Trouble if drinking secretly – This signifies desire for forbidden pleasures  which brings inconvenience and worries.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning if drinking a lot – The dream shows that you are making sin. You are not on the right way of your life. This can be a warning about problems of alcoholism;
  • False friend if drinking – The dream signifies that your friends are unfaithful and will make damage to you;

Contexts’ Meanings:

Drinking and enjoying alcohol in moderation (a little) in s dream – Such dream marks that you feel satisfaction about you life. You are followed by success and fortune. Also this dream shows that you have relaxation period in your life. Now you can enjoy your work and achievements. However, you do not have to relax too much, not to forget your duty if you want to keep such a great and pleasure life.

Drinking alcohol in excess ( a lot of, too much, plenty) in a dream – You are getting drunk or you are drinking alcohol a lot, this dream is an indication, that you want to run away, to hide your troubles or worries. You want to drown bad experience or unpleasant events. This is a sign that you have strict morality, which do not let you to express yourself freely and only the alcohol can help you. Also this dream may be the first sign of problems of alcoholism.

Drinking alcohol with a company, friends or relatives in the dream – This dream shows that you want to share your happiness with others. This dream signifies that you have different attitude to these people. If you enjoy their company, then you have positive attitude to them, you trust them. If you do not enjoy their company, this shows that you can not trust them.

Seeing that somebody else (mother, father, relatives, partner) is drinking alcohol in a dream – This signifies that you have worries about certain person. This can be a signal that he/she needs your help to go out from the worries and troubles. Your concision sends you a signal, that you have to help them, no matter how difficult it will be.

* Please, see meaning of drugs, intoxicants, host, pub, brandy wine, whisky, beer.

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  1. Dream nest can you explain me what does it mean if a guy hangover and I helped him to stand up straight but unexpectedly there’s a man at anger at me and said” he will take care of that man ” and he keep saying that to me . I get anger at him cause he didn’t help that guy .

  2. I had dream I cant find an answer online
    (I dont drink alcohol anymore)

    In my dream I was in a fancy room
    there was top of the line alcohol. There were a lot of bottles some were jin, champagne, ect
    I was really temped to try champagne but I decided to drink gaytorade(grape flavor)

    What could this mean?
    I have been in a depression state for a week or two.
    After this dream im feeling better.
    Im curious what it means.
    Thank you

    • Dream nest can you explain me what does it mean if a guy hangover and I helped him to stand up straight but unexpectedly there’s a man at anger at me and said” he will take care of that man ” and he keep saying that to me . I get anger at him cause he didn’t help that guy .

  3. I had a dream about alcohol that i feel that none of these are accurately addressing. In my dream basically, since i don’t remember much, i was drinking something, and a lot of it. But not because it was alcohol. In the dream i didn’t know that what i was drinking so much of was alcohol and then i started to to feel unpleasant, rather, i began to suffer actually. After i started to feel different someone told me while i was halfway through my last drink that i was drinking alcohol. I don’t remember who it was but i do remember them being behind me, about an inch and a half behind me, towards my left shoulder. After they told me i stop drinking it and i began to feel drunk in the dream. I was having trouble controlling myself and i felt a lot of pains in my torso, centered mainly in the middle of my chest. Someone please tell me what this means.

  4. I dreamed having a lot of money but when I want to place it I’m my wardrobe there was a blanket n the blanket is shking when I touch it I can feel the snake n see the colour bt it is inside!the colur ws lyk leopard!!!

  5. there is a girl nextdoor she drinks heavily when she’s at in my dream she was there but i was the one drinking alcohol and she wasn’t.she seemed like a person who doessn’t drink nor smoke.she drinks ‘black label’ which was disturbing when i woke up cause i dont drink..only on occasions