Alibi dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

Need for help In the dream the search for an alibi means insecurity, guilt, moral conflicts or inhibitions. The dreamer can not find an alibi, it indicates that he has not got enough inner strength to rebuild his confidence and overcome the crisis. You have to trust yourself more or ask for help your close friends or family member. Do not be afraid to show weakness and incompetence.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Ask for help if don’t have an alibi – This dream shows that you have worries and do not trust your own ability to handle with them. You have to ask help from people around you;
  • Confidence if have an alibi – You are very trustful and self-confident person, you know what you do and how ┬áto reach the aims or goals that you have in your life;

* Please, see meaning of court.

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