Alligator dream meanings


Primeval fear.


What are the basic fears I have?

General Meanings:

Threatening feelings Alligator (crocodile) is often experienced as threatening creature because he embodies superseded needs, experiences, fears, feelings and the other unconscious contents. However, at the same time he also stands for wisdom and experience of the unconscious and may request to use it more.

Psychological Meanings:

Warning about enemies In the dream the alligator is understood as a warning against enemies – the one for life – here figuratively means almost always about business. In the dream the alligator or the crocodile can be also viewed as an expression of the fear of the unconscious. The alligator usually and mostly lies close to the shore and waits for victims to attack them without warning.

Conscience and Hidden Inner feelings or fear Many people have fear that the forces from the unconscious can suddenly attack (eat) and bring them into serious emotional crises. Therefore, an alligator in the dream is understood as an invitation to fight, participate more actively with what is hidden in the subconscious and what it displaces what we do not want to know.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Warning if see – In your dream you see an alligator it doesn’t matter the place then it is a warning. Be careful, the deceitful enemies are nearby and want to harm you;
  • Worries if killing or killed – In the dream you can not kill or you even killed an alligator, then this shows that bad luck is coming and you have be aware in making important decisions;
  • Disappointment if be bitten or chased – You are dreaming that you are chased or bitten by a alligator, this denotes disappointments in love and in business and at work.

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


Old, strong, aggressive, survivor, fundamental, primitive.


The alligator is like the sturgeon, an animal which exists in today’s nature for thousands of years. He has only few enemies – the man is one of them – and feeds itself with meat in any form, whether dead or alive. With his sharp teeth he can chop up his food in the appropriate chunks. Now and then alligators reach a length of nearly five meters; copies of this size are easily able to overwhelm even a cow.

General Meaning

The most fundamental survival requirements of your nature: where do you live, how do you work, what do you eat, the condition of your health; the most primitive aspects of your emotional nature; The situations which require an “armor “.


What did you chop up or what chopped up you; primitive feelings, internally feeding you; what do you eat.

Transcendent Meaning

Increased vulnerability; hidden aggression or force; basic needs of the survival; ancient wisdom.

* Please, see meaning of crocodile.

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  1. i had a dream, while were at the fields in our province, i saw many frogs and my kids touch one of them and i scolded him, we also saw the alligator ate the crocodile and then alligator run away..after that one of my patient before had alligator & i saw that alligator is her pet & the alligator smell my son ass..Then my old co-worker throw a fake snake in my neck..I nearly get unconcious i woke up shouting..

  2. I dreamt I jumped out of a helicopter. Into beautiful clear water and several alligators began to walk towards me from the shore. I walked toward the shore as alligators came into the water. I walked passed them without being attacked. I approached the company. That was in charged of this excursion. I said this was a free gift for me. Who granted me this trip? They gave the last name of my boyfriend. Could it be him, his ex wife, or his kids?? I survived this adventure. Without being attacked.

  3. I had 2 bad dreams last night. The 2nd was the worst. My boyfriend and I were at a place surrounded by flooded land and lots of people but it was a beach in the background. There’s an old slender man close by and he’s shaking his head no the entire dream. I have a home in this muddy water like a houseboat and one sides in the water. I tell him I’m going to lose everything I own again. He said not this time and jumped in and swam over to it. We he jumped back in I’m hollering no cuz all of sudden a huge alligator appears. I run out and the alligator turns towards me but as my boyfriend gets on the shoreline, it grabs him. It’s rolls and rolls him under the water. I see blood. Then alligator let’s him ago and let’s me get him and drag his lifeless body out of water. It never bit him. I gave him CPR and the old man’s still shaking his head no. Then he took a breathe. I hollered for someone to help. No one came. I cried and that man was still there shaking his head no.
    If anyone can help me out…. Please do.

  4. I Dreamt the alligator was living inside me. And when I slept the alligator would leave me and kill others around me. Some people in the dream would point at my stomach and say “you’ve got a predator there”. There where more perculiar parts to this dream but this is the most strange. Can anyone denote this?

  5. On last night or early morning November 19,2016 this was my dream
    Dream I was walking on a road in my neighborhood and noticed as I was walking I saw a baby alligator and as I looked around I was surrounded by bigger alligators so I stood there trying to see how I could escape but it was no way so I stood still and somehow my son was around and he was a younger boy and I told him to go get help for me. I was not scared but I just stood still and just waited but I woke up when my son went to get me help. What does this dream mean?

  6. I dreamed last night I was driving and trying to figure out which way to go out of two ways. Instead of going right I made a left turn in my choice. It look like the way I was going was under construction work.I saw a construction worker and can I still go this way because I notice the construction going on. He told me yes I could go.As I was getting ready to going down that road an alligator jumped out.I told the construction worker there was an alligator.And he told me, he never knew about alligators being there. The construction worker saw the alligator too when it jumped out at me. What does this dream mean?

  7. I dreamed me and my fiance was in a swamp, and we liked at each other as we said we are in a crocodile bed, and the crocodile jumped from the water with his huge mouth open showing his jaws, but me and my fiance kicked it constantly in the mouth with our boots, until it lunged back into the water, we we’re on a log. Then a medium size alligator jumped onto our log and did the death roll until our log rolled is into the water, but I caught the alligator with my hands put him under my shoulder, and my fiance helped me back onto the log, the croc was no where to be found we was swimming in the water for five mind, but I refused to let the alligator go I wanted to teach it a lesson

  8. Hi. I feel like so weird posting this but I’m really curious! Okay, so yesterday I dreamt that I & my older sister were confronted by our current boyfriends & we had to defend ourselves. Long story short, the fight ended with me pushing my boyfriend over a cliff & him holding on but then I saw this hair comb & I nudged his fingers off the cliff & he fell into a pit of water & alligators! I realized there were lots of other men in the pit as well. I don’t remember what happened to my sister or if she pushed her boyfriend over too. I was never much of a dreamer until this past week. I started dreaming more frequently, scary dreams most of the time. This dream DEFINITELY creeped me out! Never dreamt that I killed my boyfriend ever. We’ve been together 4 years. Please, what could this dream possibly mean???


  9. I had a dream where I was swimming in the ocean. A lake was right next and separated. I saw alligators and got to safety in the lake where there was supposed to be no alligators. I climbed out the lake and saw an alligator at the bottom. My sister was in the lake and there was one right by her. She couldn’t move for fear of being killed.

  10. Last night I had a dream that I was in dark water like an ocean. I didn’t have on my glasses and everything was dark and blury, I was was swimming and there were alligators near the edge of the water, in was swimming in the middle. I could tell I had a destination but I’m not sure where in was headed. In the dream a stranger who could see the alligators came up to me and helped me maneuver through the alligators. I could feel them brushing across my foot and snapping at me they never bit me though.

  11. Hello~
    I dreamed that I was on a boat with people in a river I regularly cross.
    It was night time and the river’s slightly clear because I saw a small alligator and under it is a big white bluish snake. A guy caught the gator. The boat’s not moving but the gator and snake move synchronized.

  12. My dream was that an aligator or crocodile was in swampy water just under the surface. He kept trying to get me but only because his instincts were to eat and devour. He bit me but a couple saved me.They rescued me from him. I just remember surprise and fear as he came toward me. Then someone lead him to someone else. Another female who was in the water. We couldnt tell if she was alive but he started to chomp on her feet and she didn’t move. So the person who lead him to her just allowed him to eat her. Once i got away. I felt free. I felt relief and happy. I was young in the dream. Maybe a teenager. I was also very attracted to the male in the couple. We talked flirtatiously but i respected his other half. I have no idea what all this means.

  13. I dreamed that me and my deceased grandmother went fishing. Which she or I never did or were even interested in. In my dream we were at this lake standing at the edge of the water. We were several feet from each other. And this alligator lunged out of the water grabbing her she screamed and was trying to get out of the water I ran towards her to pull her out. In my mind I saved her but in my dream I’m not sure if I was able to. Me and my grandmother were very close. I was her only granddaughter and I miss her so much. Often thinking of her and wishing she were still here. She was 92 when she passed and I was with her holding her hand. Can someone please tell me what this means.


  14. In my dream I was in a bathroom with a netted screen wall and when I looked outside I saw a alligator and a bear. They were just sitting there at first then the alligator started to make its way to the screen alternating from its back to stomach so I throw my dog out there so I don’t get eaten but it still makes it way to the net to poke it’s head under after that it goes back into the yard and then this snake shows up and i wake it

  15. In a Dream, I entered a room with many Alligators/Crocodiles/Caiman/Gharials.
    They seemed to be piled all over each other, alive and moving.
    I layed down on a pile of something, maybe even them, I cant remember, and an alligator climbed up next to me, much like a Cat would, and lay down beside me.
    I had obvious apprehension, caution, and a healthy respect of the beast’s power, but I wasn’t outright “Afraid”.
    It slumped over on me, its wide, warm belly/body pressed down heavily on my whole right side.
    To my surprise, I didn’t feel threatened at all at this point, in fact, I felt rather comforted, and eventually dozed off to sleep for a bit, lulled to sleep by the animals warmth, weight, and deep and steady breathing.

  16. I dreamed that i had 2 pet snakes, rather big pythons and one of them got out of its cage. I found it in the back yard but an alligator had eaten it. Its tail was poking out. So i jumped on the alligator and then woke up.

  17. I don’t dream often, but wish I did of my two adult sons who died together 3 years, 4 months ago. Last night I finally had a dream of them, but not a satisfying one. My oldest son was outside the window in a boat. The alligator was swimming around his boat and I went to get something to scare him off. As I approached the window with a broomstick, the alligator managed to crawl into the house through the window. I started sparring with him with my broomstick, yelling for my younger son to please go get help. He didn’t seem inclined to do it in a hurry . Then I woke up, still sparring with this bloody alligator who was snapping at me. So my two deceased sons were in this dream, but I couldn’t actually talk to them or hug them. What do you think this means? Thank you.

  18. So last night I had a dream that I was walking and went into this ditch in the backyard and on my left an alligator was looking at me and it started to chase me I threw sand in its eyes and it started to chase me even faster but I turned around to look at the alligator and its eyes started to turn in circles right on his face and his eyes were orange and big. I ran again and he stood up and started to walk on his back legs I grabbed the child that was behind me and I ran then I woke up…

  19. Could someone answer my dream , I was just laying on my bed in the dark and all of a sudden I felt something heavy walk on top of me I was scared and ifs like I felt the alligator and I tried to roll him off and I woke up what does that mean

  20. I’ve been dreaming of crocodiles and alligator latelty. With my previous dream, my sister, me and my brother were out of the field where white and huge crocodiles are around us. At first, we thought they weren’t a threat to us since they were not moving and were just staring at us, not until we’ve reached the middle part of the place then they started to attempt at biting us, though none was bitten because we helped one another.
    Recently, just this moment, I woke up from a dream with an alligator. I was out with a guy stranger, he’s a bit old like father-ish, I didn’t know him but in my dream I felt so comfortable with him. We were going to a cheap restau where a line of people are waiting for their order, a vegetable which is sought after by the diners. I told him I don’t like it and should try something else, since there were a crowd of people of falling in line and were covering the table, we past through them to get a table and there I saw an aligator being displayed at one of the tables split half open with cheese and fries in it. I was so excited to taste one! I told him to buy me that kind of food, he ordered and went to the cashier. And then I woke up.

    What does it mean? (For my recent dream) Since I already knew my crocodile’s interpretation it meant that something bad will happen to me and it has something to do with my faith.

  21. Hi can anyone tell me what the meaning of holding a small alagtor means. In my dream I am in a swimming pool full of alagtors when I get out i resal with a small alagtor and them hold it in my arms tight so it doesn’t hurt anyone .Thanks michéle

  22. I had a dream that my deceased grandmother and I was driving and down a road and then I seen all these lakes another all of a sudden my car turned into the lake and the lake started looking like a swap and my grandma said look at all those alligators. I was I don’t care about no alligators I getting us out of here. I never seen an alligator but that’s all she kept repeating and I kept swimming holding telling her I don’t care about that we are getting out of this lake. I pulled her out and tell her that I told her I told you I would get us out and not to worry about the alligators. She said yes you did.

  23. Hi, could you please tell me what my dream means? I would really really appreciate it! It starts out with myself I am springing out of water with big water whooshing sounds, like if I just straight up (literally) exploded and sprung out of the water very high. While I was springing out of the water 2 alligator/crocodiles were on each side of my body( so me the middle ) and they were both snapping at me very viciously! They never caught me because I flew too high out of the water! Also I should mention right after they were snapping at me, I woke up to a phone call from my husband’s family members, his mother’s dad and sister (I felt negative tension the whole time my husband was on the phone with them) My mother in law and I do not get along, she is very threatening to our marriage ever since me and her son stuck together, got married and had a baby. We have to keep a safe distance from her as she is very manipulating to me and my husband, very bitter and maybe evil I feel like. She sees me as an enemy and wants only control, power over my family especially my baby but she acts very nice in front of me and pretends to be a friend. Could the dream be warning me about some ploy from her? ? Please let me know! Thank you so much!

  24. Ok, so I had a really strange dream last night…
    We lived around a bunch of alligators in/ under water… One day we went to the house and there was a really big one that somehow I knew was dangerous. I told my daughter to stay here (at the house). It began chasing me. I was scared but somehow I knew where to lead it. I ended up leading it to a big dark black nothing area. I swam as close as I could possibly get to the blackness and quickly turned around. And then a huge yellow fish came up/out of the dark and got the alligator… I woke up

    What does this mean? I know it means something. It woke me up out of a dead sleep.The yellow fish was bigger than the alligator but looked harmless.

  25. So my boyfriend is in the national guard and I had dream last night that I was entering it as well . We were standing on a dock with a couple of other people looking into this murky brown river and their were alligators every where . I remember being petrified because everyone else jumped in except me and him and I had my back up against this wall just watching them swim and I was just so scared . I get scared just thinking about it. when I was younger my dad tried to swim across the river and he met a gator face to face and swam away. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but I hate thinking about this dream and I wish I could understand it

  26. I had I dream the I rode the alligator to a family reunion at the lake. Had an argument with my sister and took my step dad’s horse home. But I had to take the alligator back home. Therefore my boyfriend put him in the car and we drove back home.

  27. Please help! This dream terrified me! I had a dream I was walking under a city bridge after a horrible traffic incident with a crazy truck driver. I decided to walk and look for the police to report the truck drivers reckless driving. While walking under the bridge i slipped and feel in what appeard to be a small pond from rain water. While in the pond trying to swim out I noticed a hidden 5 foot alligator. At this moment the dream started to feel real! Once the gator realized I was there trying to get out of the pond of water it came for me forcefully. I was almost away but as I proceeded 5 more gators appeared and 3 attaked me. One of the 3 got me pretty good, grabbed a whole ofsaidand started dragging me back to the water to the point I almost gave up, but something in me said keep fighting! As I fought, I kept asking myself, “Is this a dream, this isn’t a dream this is real”. This talking went on the entire time. The dream felt real! However, I believed in my heart that I was not going to let that gator take me under. Something was trying to stop me from yelling for help as well but eventually my voice came back and I wsa able to yell but not to my full capacity. Eventually, my intrapersonal talk provided me enough encouragement and strength to break free from the gators. I climbed out of the pond and laid above on the side of this area located under the bridge in the city. I laid their recovering and as I laid I notice I eas next to a tent. A woman and her son were in there talking. The woman said, “I think the gators got something to eat, lets go see”. It was like that pond was her gator farm. After I woke up and I am still a bit freaked out. Normaly when I have dreams that feel real something significant happens in my life.

  28. PLease help me with my dream..

    I was using the restroom and when I got up there was an alligator laying in my toilet, he was wrapped around the inside of it like a snake, but was an alligator.

  29. I dreamt of a place filled with snakes of all sizes.trying to save myself from them i climbed something and saw and aligator over it and climbed back down … It attacked me .. It was in size … I get hold of its mouth closed in my hand and threw ut away… What does all this mean …
    The snakes never attacked me

  30. I dreamed I was on my way somewhere and had to go back to get a few things. I wanted to feed the kids before we left so they would not be hungry and so for some reason I looked in the freezer of my brother that I had not talk to in a few years. It switched over to us all leaving meaning me and the kids. Along what appeared to be a beach front or lake front shore was hundreds of alligators a sure wanting to be feed, I do think there was someone there throwing food out to them. None came to shore or tried to attack but seemed very scary and hungry. Anyone know what this may mean?

  31. In my dream i saw i am on a holiday. I am on a small hill top and looking at the scenary around it. I see that there are many green color alligators n crocodiles in the water below nicely swimming. I am watching them from a small hill top. In my dream i am not even 1% scared. In fact looking at them i feel like taking a pic of them from my mobile handset camera. But i think in my dream that while taking a pic my camera will fell down so i choose not to take a pic.
    Can u pl tell me what could it mean.

  32. I dreamed that my ex boyfriend of 5 years was in my dream… I was at work. Then it was like I was outside and there popped up out of nowhere a huge alligator. It wasn’t moving. So my dad gets brave and goes to pick it up and throw it out the window. There is water and land below it hits the water… And it lives.

  33. My dream involving alligator : it was a huge alligator kind of friendly making weird faces then I realized it was giving birth a cute baby alligator was born and came up like a cute puppy .. However this dream was scary later on in the dream there was a man who jumped out of a window and a nun which had a black cross I woke up very frightened and confused …. Can anyone help make sense of this weirdness???

  34. I had a dream last night of my brother and father swimming in a big pond, as they jumped in, these alligators swarmed them. I stood in the distance screaming at them to get out. I grabbed the closest thing to me to throw in the water to distract the animals so my father and brother could get away. it was a bottle of bbq sauce. As I did that it lured one away. But before I knew it, one of the alligators jumped out of the water Nd bit my brothers arm off, then another ripped my father’s face in half. Then they were dragged into the water as I watched. In the dream I went and told my wife what had happened. I was crying in the dream but not the way I would have imagined. I was fairly calm. And I kept on wanting to get my gun to get revenge on the alligators but for some reason, I just could not get it. Can someone please tell me what this could possibly mean? It has been bothering me really bad.

  35. How interesting.
    An Alligator turned up in my dreams last night for the first time I can recall. I am a pretty vivid dreamer. In my dream, I was riding a bike on a familiar, bumpy dirt road. My spouse was riding behind me in his car. It was a nice day and I was feeling good to be back in this place that I love and miss dearly. The car seemed to be catching up to me and this alligator slowly shows it’s appearance from the side berry bushes and foliage. At first I am not afraid (I generally like alligators a lot), but I am weary and wanting to be careful not to hit the alligator or encourage it to chase after me. It does chase after me although still seeming playful rather than predatorial or aggressive in it’s pursuit. I can see the alligator to the side and my spouse in the car behind me. Then, I suddenly have my cat in my arm and I am feeling very concerned and anxious and start to try and go faster so that the alligator does not get my cat. I become VERY terrified.
    I tend to dream of my cat being in danger often ….at least a few times every month it wakes me up. Or so it seems to wake me.

  36. i dream i was in a small pond and i was surrounded by 5 white crocodiles streing at me and another 5 brown or black,the brown or black bit me on the stomach and it stopped like looking at me and but my stomach was still stuck on his mouth on the right side,i felt like more shocked than fear,some how i got liberated and walked away.What means ?

  37. I had a dream that my daughter and I were riding in a a small boat out in the swamps of Louisiana and from afar I saw us coming up to an alligator. As the alligator sunk under water I sunk down in the boat to almost kind of hide because I was afraid the alligator was going to try to get in the boat. My 4-year-old daughter was in the dream but she looked to be about 2 when in my dream. As I predicted, the alligator did jump on half the boat tossing my daughter into the swampy water. The alligator then got off the boat and I reached for my daughter as she was trying to swim to the surface. The alligator grabbed her by her foot and I dove in on top of the alligator and began punching and trying to stab its eyes to get it to let go of my daughter. The alligator then took off with my daughter under water with lightning speed and I got back into the boat and the boat driver tried to go as fast as it could after the alligator but the alligator kept going faster and farther away. That’s when I woke up with tears. And prayed to not have dreams like that. If anyone can help me define what this dream means I would really appreciate it. I do Not want anymore dreams like that. I woke up with tears. 🙁

  38. I had a dream
    I don’t know where I was it looked like a factory.
    It was Burning
    I was in there and I was trying to get someone out and they were locked in an office
    So I see a huge alligator in the hallway and I run outside and there’s another Right by the door
    I jumped over it
    I opened the window to the office from outside got the person out
    Started running towards the fields
    Their was a truck coming with man
    Were trying to chase us
    We were wearing black so we laid down on the ground so no one can stop us

  39. Hi, I had a dream Lastnite at fisrt I saw it was green snake trying to find a way out than when the snake was at the main door it change to alligator. ..pls help me what this dream means…thank you

  40. I dreamt an alligator was coming at me, I was frightened (of course, it’s a gator!). I did not know what to do so I grabbed a glass vase and encased his jaws? So the gators mouth is now enclosed within the vase. I wasn’t bitten, just scared.

  41. i dreamed i was by the lake with my gf and someone else (unknown) and my girlfriend was closer to the water where the alligator was barely above the water, the next thing i know my girlfriend was gone i fell into the water but the alligator didn’t bite me

  42. Hello there. The croc, actually alligator, I dreamt about last night was definitely trying to get me. For some reason we had an alligator caged in our bedroom and just at the ‘snout end’ of the cage was the door to the en suit bathroom. At first this alligator seemed placid enough to a point where my daughter took it out on a leash (chain) for a walk. I was nervous about it, especially when they posed together for a photo, cheek to cheek sort of thing. I was terrified it was going to snap at her and insisted that the alligator be put back in the cage. That is when I was suddenly alone in the room with the alligator on my way to the bathroom and, it was trying it’s hardest to get out. The nearer I got to the bathroom and it, the harder it tried, Eventually, it did escape, breaking the most pathetic little wooden peg lock in the process to achieve it’s freedom and, that folks is when it came after me with gusto, I then woke up. Colours in the dream…. bedroom and bathroom a light beige (yuck) and the gator was grey. The trees etc while walking the gator were normal. green. Thanx a million if you can help xx

  43. hey.
    i saw a supercroc in my dreams in came in between me and a speeding car n the car rammed the croc away above from me.. i jumped in fear on the other side of the road and kept on jumping over cars,.. n the car which hit the croc came before me and pushed me backward into a flowing river…..please tell me the meaning!!!

  44. 1/29/15
    I dreamed that I was about to go to sleep and I was on my bed when I heard something under the bed and I look down and there was a alligator. I kept telling everyone to catch it and kill it but they kept telling me they were worried it would die.yea how weird. And I was crying in my dream and in real life I felt my tears. I was so scared in and out the dream.

  45. Okay so I had this really weird dream, me and my girlfriend were cuddled up in my bed and I felt something on my back and I looked. A huge alligator claw was trying to attack me. We ran out into my living room where my sister was pouring a glass of milk, the TV was on and when I told her there was an alligator under my bed she laughed.My girlfriend was all panicky and I kissed her to try and calm her down and she got all nervous and said my parents might of seen. All of this was so vivid when I woke up I had to check there wasn’t an alligator under my bed. I’m REALLY confused can someone explain?

  46. I have had this dream twice already in less than a month. My dream consisted of seeing a small crocodile and a boa snake at the same time, but they were under my mother’s bed. I was only able to see half of the crocodile’s body and only saw the snake’s body but did not see its head. But i wasn’t afraid at all in both dream. Then out of no where i end up outside my grandmother’s apartment building. What would this dream mean?

  47. I had a dream a young child was in the water by an alligator. I started screaming to get her out and who the parent was while I was running down to get her out. As I started hitting te alligator I realized it was not real. Someone had made it out of scrap although it moved all the same.

  48. I dreamed that I was in water floating. Peacefully. I looked over and an all white croc or gator was staring at. Didn’t move just stared. I woke up immediately. It scared me

  49. I have had a series of dres with alligators.
    The first dream I was inside a house doing someone’s hair. I am a hair stylist and we were watching two larger than normal alligators fight each other. My client (whom I don’t know) was frightened. I was not, I was mesmerized by how enormous they were and felt they were fake.
    The second dream, I remember being in the river swimming, I seen there was an alligator close so I got into a canoe. I watched it swim toward the shore and a Rottweiler and a beagle type dog were near another canoe. The gator went to grab the rotti and I was screaming. He pulled the rotti under but the other dog barked and aggravated the gator that he came after him. I kept wondering what happened to the dogs and was sad.
    These dreams about alligators have come less than a week apart.

  50. A few months ago, i had i dream that i was in the woods barefoot with a long white gown on. I walked toward a large lake and began to walk across it. There were giant alligators who were fighting each other and others were watching me. I made it across unharmed. What does this mean?

  51. last night I am in a swimming pool (seems like i am standing on water), i saw an alligator and snakes and fishes moving towards me. and then i killed the alligator by smashing his head and then he broke into pieces. the medium-sized snake was also killed. also i get rid of small fishes (seems like i am cleaning the swimming pool). what does it mean?

  52. In my dream, I was walking along side a river that I’ve fished before as I take a stare unto the river I see a swarm of alligators swimming away from the shoreline as I’m walking…. what does that mean? Anyone?

  53. I dreamed that an alligator shows himself then after leaving the place surrounded by metallic fance u was surrounded by many of them and 2 of them transformed and take a persons form and was shouting to each other then I run and I hit one of them with a bag I was carring I found a group of army soldiers outside I told them can I wait here next to you I have to wait for my Id to finish

    Note I want to make a new ID for applying a job in army

  54. Dream was walking through city and a bunch of aligators (large ones) came running out of river and onto sidewalk and just laid there. I wanted to turn around and find another path but my friend said just jump in the shopping cart…we walked right through all of the gators and they had turned to sand/Mudd…no longer a danger.

  55. Hi,

    I had a dream that I was walking towards a pool of water and I saw a crocodile approaching me when I tried to step into the pool. However it stopped when I moved away from it. When I tried to step in again, it approached me again and this time had a huge one eye staring at me. I ran away from the pool and it came out of the water running after me. I tried running down a circular staircase and it jumped down in front of me. I tried climbing back and it jumped back in front of me, and than I woke up.

  56. I dreamt of crocodiles attacking my dead grandparents. The dream started with a happy tour to a zoo where animals are kept in their natural habitat. We decide to check out the lions but end up at the crocodile pond. We were standing at a distance and suddenly I notice my grandparents (dead) standing by the side of the pond looking at the crocodiles. All was peaceful when suddenly a crocodile suddenly appeared from the land and decided to attack my grandparents who were walking back towards us. Due to the noise the crocodiles in the water also decided to attack. I grabbed a white towel rapped it on my arm and ran towards them to save them. But when I reached them I could see the animal. My grandparents did not call out for help, neither were they in pain. There was no bloodshed either. what does this mean

  57. I had a dream in where there is 2 white crocodiles.. small ones.. but they both attacked me, I didn’t like so I grabbed one and grabbed it by the mouth and slowly opened it, until I took its jaw off. . Right after I found the other one, and I did the same thing, snapped its jaw off and grabbed a knife, took its head off too… while dreaming this there was rats too, all this took place in my apartment… what does anyone think about this??

  58. I just forced myself to wake up from a dream where I was being chased by an alligator. I was in a house and noticed it was under a bed creeping out slowly. When it saw that I noticed it trying to creep from out under the bed, it opened its mouth and began a full out pursuit of me! I was scared to get bitten! I’d run behind objects right before it snapped at me! Seems like any object I placed between us wasn’t strong enough to hold it back. There was particularly a wooden, white door that wasn’t particularly sturdy that I closed in hopes of finally escaping, but the alligator slammed into the door with great force pushing the door slightly open! I pushed back but the alligator had a bit more strength than me. Before the door gave away, I woke up! I thought, I was tired of being chased so I woke up! What does this mean?

  59. I had a dream of my signifcant other and I were in the water surrounded by alligators. None of them attacked us but continued to circle around us. What does this mean?

  60. Recently, my ex-husband with whom I have children with moved back to our hometown. We were involved in a very violent and dark abusive marriage for well over 10 years. We have been divorced for 8 years and he has no visitation with our children must less pay for any child support. In the past couple of weeks, I was made aware of a serious drug problem he has developed and causes violent mood swings. I thought to myself, this is just great, he doesn’t need help with his mood swings and deceptive behavior. However, given our past, I now somewhat fear a man who I have already overcome fearing once before. We do not speak (if we can help it) and I make a point not to see him in fear of bringing up a dark personality and potential harm it could bring one another. He made a statement to our boys that he doesn’t want to know where we live or see me and I am perfectly fine with that but find it hard to believe. Mindful, he is a very dark person himself, manipulative in many concerning ways. Last night, I dreamt of confronting him about his problems and remember specifically him telling me he couldn’t stop because it taste so good. I also remember being in a house secluded in the woods near a pond. As we were walking out, I saw a rather large white alligator who saw me but ate my ex-husband. In the same sentence, I saw another alligator much larger than the white one who appeared to be normal but large alligator who ate the white alligator. I then woke up, confused, but somewhat at peace and now this dream is getting to me. Can anyone help explain this to me?

  61. Ok. .. weird dream. I was in an unknown house sitting on the couch. I looked down and near the end and just under the coffee table were about 8 to 10 geckos just lying together. Then I looked over to my left just a little bit because I saw movement coming from under a blue blanket and someone freaked out but I was curious. Just as I reached to look under the blanket, a baby alligator came out. I picked it up and it immediately snuggled under my chin and was content like a little kitten or puppy. I swear I didn’t eat anything close to bedtime. .. lol

  62. I dreamed there were many alligators. I was not afraid just aware. The environment was theirs swampy but they aware of me didn’t care either. We coexisted..,,

  63. I just dreamt that my spouse jumped into a lake to retrieve a floating device. When I looked in I saw 4 of his friends in there. As soon as I noticed this I screamed alligators! That is when about 4 appeared. As he is swimming fast with the flotation device on top of him he makes it to the side but it is a steep side up so he makes it half way before these alligators or crocodiles devour into his legs. I start to try and help him then realize I could be a goner too and we have children. When I looked up for ppl to help me get up and to help me help him, they just put a hand but moved it quickly after pulling me up just a little bc they were all watching him get tore up. Idk if he dies in my dream bc I couldn’t turn around to see anymore then I woke up.

  64. Well were to begin. My special friend had a dream of a colorful aligator approaching her. She felt worrried, intrigued, scared. A few days later she met me. Once she saw my tattooes she became sick tk the stomach and a bit amazed. She associated that dream to meeting me a tattooed colorful aligator. Waht can thia mean. She has complained of anger building up inside of her and now associates me to being a liar. No I’ve never lied to her either.

  65. So, in my dream the alligator really liked me. I have 2 doggies whom are mini doxies.Mostly, I was not comfortable with the obsessed alligator because I didn’t want him to eat my pups. One section in the dream alligator was snuggled up to me lovingly while my puppies were scared snuggled on the other side. I wouldn’t let my dogs touch the floor and had to trick the gator into going outside. He just wanted to be near me and didn’t understand why I was shutting him out. I didn’t want him killed; just wanted him taken away so my babies were safe. Don’t get the meanings.

  66. Hello,

    Last night i dreamt that my sister was attacked by an alligator. I was in inside a building and i was warning her to stay away from the water. As she was walking away the alligator began follwing her. I yelled at her to run and the alligator began chasing her I thougt she almost got away but the alligator grabbed her by the hand and dragged her in the water. It began doing the death roll spinning her around in the water i panicked I ran down to protect my sister a few friends helped me and she survived.

  67. In my dream, my siblings and I were down by the shore. The water didn’t appear to be deep at all. My brother fell in and I reached in to grab him. I pulled him out and reached for something that was left in the water. All of a sudden an alligator jumped out of the water, biting down on my arm multiple times and in different places. The alligator then tries to drag me in the water. My siblings and the alligator are now playing tug of war with my body. The alligator then gets tired of the fight and recedes back into the water. I fall on my siblings and I have gashes all over my right arm. Before anything else could happen I woke up. What could this dream mean?

  68. My dream has a few confusing components. An alligator was hiding in a kitchen cupboard in my new apartment (which I do not have at the moment). I had to lay still on the upper backside of my couch while it was trying to get under the couch (?) but was so large the couch was about to tip it over. I was deciding whether or not to make a run for the door; then all of the sudden a man was there to capture him for me and I was out in the hallway. In doing so he discovered a large snake inside a decorative sea shell in my apt & said that is what the alligator was after. While he was removing the snake the gator came out again so he sent in a dog which viciously started barking at the gator until it went back into the cupboard…. then i woke up. The dog was not a threat, it was helping. And the snake never seemed to be an actual threat either….

  69. i dreamt that i had a baby alligator inside my right arm. Initially i wasnt sure why my arm was swollen and in pain. Especially when i was trying to bend my arm. Then my uncle decided to get a knife and slice my arm to reveal a baby alligator in my arm. Im really wasnt sure if it was dead but i assume it was. This dream has been bothering me ever since i dreamt it a week ago.

    • Hello! I have the same dream last night. But not only 1 aligator in my right arm. And i have 1 too in my jaw. Thought its just a simple insect bite but when i started to touch it moved and a friend of mine helped me get rid of the creatures…. I wonder what it means!

  70. I had a dream that I was with a good friend outside on a balcony type thing. I’m talking to my female friend and noticed a medium sized crocodile or alligator. My female friend warned me about the reptile and told to wall away from it as it was trying to bite me I then ran into the house.

  71. Hi,

    During the dream I saw a river flowing and kids were swimming in the river and I saw alligators sleeping in the water, I was able to see alligators because water was crystalline and at the side of the river were alligators sleeping also. None of this alligators tried to harm any one.

    Later, I was sleeping with my family in a room, when I stand up I saw 2 alligators sleeping there too with us in the room. I took my child and put in bed with us to wait until alligators woke up. I tried to block their path but they manage to walk around the chairs I put and start walking outside towards the river. The first one which was the smaller, went out and during his way out he saw a sheep and just grabbed it with his mouth and then after a few steps he put it down and kept walking towards the water. The big alligator woke up and it stood up on his back legs like he was looking me. Then he started to yawn and started walking towards the door and just looked back and kept walking looking at me and my family. He went out and got into the river again. And I woke up. Please reply.

  72. Heyy i had a dreamm that there was a crocodile or allegetar i cant tell the difference. And also a snake came on my stares biting after me but i was fighting them with all my might they suddenly disappeared and i went in the room to sit with my two close friends and i saw the snake and crocodile movement as soon as i saw it i ran and jump in the other room where one of my relatives were and along with that i felt drained saying im tired of it i give up.. its been going on too long now and then i realised that the door had a hole where the snake could come in so my relative help me get some sand and patch it up so the snake couldnt come in.

  73. Last night I dreamed my girlfriend and I was in a room hotel like with double beds but we were on separate beds but the beds were in the middle of an alligator pit with 100’s of gators swimming underneath the beds. None attacked us but there was no way out also as we were dead in the middle of it. What does that mean? Never dreamed of Alligators before.

  74. I dreamt last night that I was in unclear , dirty alligator water with a couple of people. The water was fast moving and I was looking for something that I did not find. I was moving fast because I felt so scared of being eaten by an alligator.

  75. i had a dream that i was in an alligator tank in a zoo and me and two other people were jumping from rock to rock to avoid three alligators and as i was running across this ledge a giant snake appeared and went back into its hole and stuck his head out just waiting for me to move so it could bite me. i jumped off the ledge and into the water and this huge alligator saw me and whipped around and came at me and opened it mouth and killed me.

  76. i dreamt that there was a “crocodile” in our yard – my neighbor, that we just know casually (that i often get help and advice from) was there and it was he that said it was a croc. the animal was large as an adult man – but had a blunt nose and smooth shiny light green skin – it went up and over our wall as if it was just going on it’s way – did not appear threatening – what could this mean?

  77. I have always been plagued by nightmares since I was a small child, often awaken screaming and panicked. Recently how ever I have been sleeping calming until last night I had a dream that I found a small lizard in my house I picked it up and took it outside it kept appearing inside my house getting bigger and bigger until I realized it was a alligator I live with too small Children and in my dream the alligator kept biting them and me I would continue to try to dispose of the alligator but could never kill it it eventually was full sized it broke down my door and chased my neighbors

  78. In the dream I had my friend and I were at a Chinese spa and I spotted an alligator. It looked nice and I told my friend to leave it alone because it looked peaceful and relaxed because she kept trying to scare it away and kick water at it and it wouldn’t move till finally it did move until I told her one day it won’t be pretty when you mess with the wrong one. Then she said to me I’m not scared watch this and she dives in then the next thing I know that alligator is moving close to me and I don’t know how I got that close but for some reason at first the alligator bump its nose to my shoe and I didn’t think it was going to harm me then I hurried up and tried to climb up and the edge of the ground broke off and I slipped kind of back in and two more appeared but this time they were closer to me watching me grinning and smiling big and I felt ambushed because I felt I was going to be attacked in just a short bit and I woke up. What could that mean? Or symbolize?

  79. In my dream I was like at a reptile park and there was a bridge and as I crossed it a huge alligator came up to eat my dog and I grabbed my dog and gave him to my husband it bit my toe. My husband told me I was lucky because there was someone who worked there to handle the situation. But in my dream I was nervous but felt like I had control and then we went to another exhibit and and alligator crawled up my back and laid on me. He was heavy it was hard to breathe but again I felt no harm but I was in control of the situation. What does this mean and by the way my dog died a year ago

  80. I dreamt that me and my boyfriend were in a car and suddenly he sees an alligator and decides he should go play with it even when I told him not too and then his foot gets bit off and I hear myself telling him I told you not to play with the alligator but I’m in shock and I don’t really do anything except stare at him on the floor bleeding from his foot until someone else calls the ambulance. I know weird but could I please get the meaning to this dream ? I don’t understand.

  81. I had a dream I was getting ready for my day ran the walk in shower and an alligator was in there. When I wen to the sink their a baby one was playing. The big one made a noise an d exit through the heat vent while the baby jumped on me and held on then made an exit.

  82. I often have dreams where I’m a 3rd person spectator, watching things happen to other people (Almost as if I’m outside my body and watching a movie) In this dream, I was watching a boy swim across a lake, when suddenly 7 large crocodiles popped up from the surface and started swimming all around him and beside him. I remember watching from the shore, afraid he would be attacked. Then I woke up.

  83. Last night I had dreamt about me being being in a large Department store warning everyone about seeing an aligator roaming around and no one is paying no mind to what I am saying In the dream I hear the aligator growling and so I am telling everyone to wat h out cause its around I see myself sitting on a seat in a way that the aligator doesn’t seen my legs nor feet. Then the aligator growling gets lodder and louder to where I am. Just the same I seen myself running away from the aligator but it finds me. The people dont pay any mind to me and I find myseld near the aligator. Rhen I woje up due to hearing my boyfriend growling in his sleep.

  84. dream: Having to walk or otherwise navigate across a yard or room of small gators and or snake. Hopping from one piece of furniture to another to avoid reptiles on floor. Not big enough to kill me. But could maybe take off a toe or two. Even when not careful where I step, they won’t actually bite me. In the back of my mind a red angel named Raphael says he won’t let them bite.

  85. I had a dream where I was at the zoo.. my son is 11 was inside the crocs mouth just the head but I could see bite marks on other parts of his body. I went into the habitat an tried to get my son without causing more injury I couldn’t tell if my son was ok his eyes where closed and he wasn’t moving as I tried to remove my son the croc’s mouth the croc started slowly backing up to take my son into the water (it’s like how they do in the wild) I got the sense of he didn’t want to loose his “meal” … I was scared for my son’s life and my own the croc loosen his grip and I pulled on my son’s legs it almost looked like my son was split in 2 but just at his head.. I let go because I didn’t want to pull him apart then I woke up.

  86. I dreamt I was on a river bank, the river was huge and the water was dirty there was crocodile swimming in the water. I was not frighten of them, I was with my 10yrs old daughter she lost a foot of my shoe she was carrying, so I have to put on one foot of shoe.I then notice my shoe swimming in the water the crocodile did not attact me they were swimming all over the water I could see the shadow of them sometimes under the water there was a steep hill on the bank of the river just a small one I climbed over it with ease the dream ended cant remember how.

  87. Hello. I had a dream that i had a very big box and i put alot of tea in it. While i was mixing the tea and alligators head appeared. Getting scared i start to run away. I found a tree and picked up something to hit it on its head. I ran up a car and trying to stay away from the alligator i realized she was my ex girlfriend. It took me a while but i finally got down and told her i missed her very much. She was still in alligator form.

  88. Had a dream where aligators kept trying to come into my house any way they could some chomped at me or others and other ones just laid there but they just kept coming in I believe before I woke up I found a way to keep them out the house but then I was woken up idk

  89. I had a dream I was going down a slide and then at the bottom was an alligator. It scared me but i didn’t run away. It had teeth then the teeth disappeared and I just watched it look at me and then skittle off. ?

  90. In my dream alot of alligators is swimming around my sisters front door, but its like I live there. I just know it. Even though in reality I live about 50 miles away. We can’t get out the door. Then I pour bleach in the water and they all disappear.
    I Keep Having a reoccurring dream at the same house. ( which is now my sister’s, but I grew up in the house it was my grandmother’s, my sister inherited it) that lions or in back of the house chasing us, even hyenas, racoons, killer monkeys in the trees. These animals always catch or we think kills a young child in our fam. But then we find the child alive.

  91. I had a dream I was in a big new modern home looking out from the pool deck. Then, I was down on the water shore of a jungle neighborhood with a large brown ( gorgeous) alligator and I had it on a leash. I was dangling it and telling others it was okay; the alligator was fine and I was fine. The I stopped and calmed the gator and we were cuddling and I was kissing and cuddling its face and mouth!!!

  92. i had dreams of alligators occuring from past two days. the place is my room n too many alligators are moving here n there and i locked my room. and i sat in other room thinkin of what i should do. there is no one around and i am helpless and that moment when i got some sounds out of my main door, i opened it and saw tens of alligators roaming. i was horrified.

  93. Hello. In my dream my daughter and I were swimming in a beautiful exotic lake in another country. We were just traveling and exploring. We were in deep water with no problems but when we became tired we started to swim ashore. We both commented on how rocky the shore had gotten from the time we fire got in the water until the time we got out but didn’t really pay it attention . wle sitting on the rocks i saw the rocks start to move and realized it was an alligator. at first i was shocked and a little scared and panicked but i was able to calmly tell her to get to safety. As soon as she was safe it attacked me. i didn’t have anything to kill it with i don’t even think i wanted to i was just trying to shoo it away. While i was getting that one away from my left side another one popped up on my right side.

  94. I dreamed that I was sitting in shallow water in a canal in fl. Then an alligator swam up to me. I grabbed its nose and held its mouth closed as I drug it up to my front yard of my house. The alligator was about 6 feet in length. Then I let it go and ran int the house looking for duck tape because I knew I had to keep the mouth of it shut. It started getting darker outside. Then as I went back out side I noticed baby alligators (about 3) running around in the mud puddle in my back yard. Two alligators attempted to get inside and one of them I crushed its head and killed it. The other ran underneath my sink cabinet in the kitchen. Then I woke up.

  95. Hi my dream is im in the pool side with my family and then the pool begins to fade.when i look at it there are fishes there. And when i look back on the ground i saw a giant alligator and its chasing people. And me and my family started to run.. the giant gator is huge and tall as tall as our house. Its crawling on the building all over the city.. what is that means?

  96. My boyfriend had this dream couple of times already. He dreams that we are walking by a lake and in the lake there is alligators. I fell into the lake and he tries to save me, but I keep swimming around and try to climb up. He keeps telling me to give him my hands so he can help me, but I keep trying to climb on my own. I keep swimming around and he keeps telling me give me your hands give me your hands. He puts out his hands to help me and than the crocodiles just eat me. What does this mean? And why does he keep dreaming this?

  97. I have a recurring dream: I’m at a picnic. I see a small child playing near the edge of a lake. An alligator is lurking nearby……nobody seems to notice but me. The alligator attacks the child, pulling him under water (still, nobody notices but me). I jump in the water, wrestle the alligator, reach into its throat, pull out the child (unharmed), and kill the alligator. The child returns to the picnic as if nothing ever happened! Does anyone have an interpretation for my recurring dream?

  98. I had a weird dream that I had a alligator in the house and it was laying next to the chair where I was when I lift my hand up it bite me then I woke up and felt it.

  99. I had a dream I was in a hallway of sorts and there were alligators coming down the hallway in various sizes. I do remember trying to stab them but I had no knife. They were just cruising down the hallway, very friendly looking. It was very weird.

  100. I Dreamed That I Was Inside This Building That Had Sinked A Little Into The Ground & Had Become Flooded Not Knowing About The Alligators Walked Around Edges. Then All These Alligators Start To Appear, I Mean All Different Shapes & Sizes Even Some Of There Structures Looked Funny. & Basically My Dream Was Me Trying To Get Out The Building & Back To Land. But Alligators Were EVERYWHERE!!!!

  101. Hello… I had a dream last night that I was sleeping with crocodiles in my bed. I was scared they were going to bite me or kill me but they did nothing but just take up space and I would try and push them off the bed and they were so heavy they would not move. They were under the covers and over the covers and it was uncomfortable.

    What does this mean?

  102. I dreamt that I was riding a bicycle at night ,with a lot of people on the back if it. We then saw some alligators circling around rain water. I tried to avoid them and slipped. I fought one of them off but it bit my left arm (minimally) and make it bleed.

  103. hi there,

    to make a long story short,i dreamed a crocodile was chasing me as well as every1 around me and biting them. i also sumhow lost a tooth in the process. the crocodile was always in water but runs after and attacks people around me but never caught me… any idea wat it means?

  104. Yhe dream was a group of peolle and crocodile in a small space and it was like slavery time and they said the breaking song and it felt reall I wss havim g musle spazams in my sleep where they bite me

  105. Don’t guite remember the whole dream. I know I was in a swap or jungle just exploring I guess and walking next to an alligator nothing happened I just continued to walk. It did appear that me and the gator had an understanding.

  106. I had a dream of me driving my car and my tire blew out, and some men pushed my car out of the road and down a hill which was near by a alligator pit. I was trying to escape from the alligators but was never bitten, but it just seemed like I could never escape from them. Then I woke up and couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

  107. Had a dream of a white baby alligator and it was sweet as can be . My son fed him and walked with him and the only person that felt afraid was me . No one else . . It tried to attack me but when I jumped in my mothers arms, she fed him a corn dog and he went into the living room to relax . What does this mean ?

  108. I dreamt i kept going into a plant like area to grab the neck of a baby purple baby alligator whose mouth was wide open like after they jump out of the water but he was sittingstill. i think i came back or something, and then he was laying down in a relaxed fashion, looking straight ahead. mouth closed. what does this mean?

  109. I dreamt that I was in the amazon with some people (I have no idea who they were) I was on a raft made of wood, but I was on it floating down the river, but I was floating on the river ON TOP of all these alligators, there were so many. I was naturally afraid, but then snakes where there too. Black snakes everywhere like the alligators. Then it was as if a claw came from behind me and went to claw my neck, but I turned away from it and then I woke.

    Any thoughts?

  110. I dreamt that I was in the living room and saw one small. Alligator laying still on a table… Then another small alligator across the room. Both by bananas. I got up to get something like a heavy fluffy towel to throw on them to cover them so they would not move. When I went into the bathroom there was a slightly larger one on the sink. I looked back into the living room and I could not see the first two. I no longer had my contacts in, so everything was blurry. I yelled out to my cousin and her boyfriend in a room upstairs But my mouth was filled with something and I couldn’t make a sound. So I started to bang on their door. One alligator from the living room was right by my feet at the top of the stairs by my cousin’s room door. I thrown the towel on it and it squirmed. My cousin stepped out and I still could not speak, yet she understood me. I asked her to call her boyfriend out and I told them about the alligators. They did not make a move. The alligator from the bathroom had jumped down from the sink and I ran. The other I threw the towel on tore some of the towel to pieces, and chased me as well. I was horrified! I woke up breathing heavy

  111. I had a dream last night that I was back at my grandmother’s house and there where a whole lot of baby alligators everywhere, and as my cousin and I proceeded down the hall to my grandmother’s room we where stepping over baby alligators the whole way then we opened the door and there was a mother alligator on the floor in front of my grandmother’s bed having baby gators it freaked me out, so I told my cousin to tell my grandmother not to get up or she will get bitten, it was like I was so afraid that I would not go any closer. I am so confused please help me to understand what this could mean.

  112. I dreamnt i was in my late grandmother house that i have visited in the past 21 years, and i was with my two children, when i saw the alligator behind the house, it was just looking but i was scarred. I asked my daughter to put something under the door and lock all doors. The Alligator came around to the front door and stood on its back feet and forcefully bend open the burglar bar and came to my room passing my daughter in the dining room. I woke up as it stirred at me and my son.

  113. My dream started in a caged area where alligators are kept in captivity. Well the alligator trainer said shell start me off with a small one first, then brought a mid sized alligator out. Then all of a sudden it escaped through a hole in the fence and started chasing my family members, the trainer was not surprised and she almost looked like she was expecting this. Then my dream shifted and I was outside the cage at my cousins house and it was chasing me, I tried climbing in a car, it caught up to me, then I climbed a tree and it grew, then I I hoped on a tractor and was safe. All through the dream I felt excited and cheerful. Lol. Never in fear.

  114. Hi in my dream I dreamed that my little sister was walking out of a store and out of nowhere this alligator just straight to her head and snapped it and then dragged her and started eating her.

  115. Hello I had a dream my son and I were out on a pond on my bass boat and there were two alligators one on each side of the pond we drove around the pond with the trolly motor and it seemed like I was trying not to upset the alligators by going to fast or moving around the water to much then when I thought that thay were swimming under my boat but I couldn’t see them I just seen the water moving and I felt kinda in danger not to bad though I woke up I wounder if this ment anything

  116. Last night I dreamt I was in a swamp with two people. It was a nice area and me and this girl were on a wooded path crossing over the water. The boy of the group was near the shore trying to climb up a rock formation. I calmly and half jokingly asked the girl if she saw any gators and she said yes. I looked and I could see the eyes just above the water watching the boy. The girl and I began to yell, warning the boy of the danger but he didn’t listen and stepped into the gator’s path. The alligator jumped up and snapped at the boy’s legs sending him into the air. I covered my eyes and ran to get help. The rest of the dream consisted of me trying to find help to no avail.

  117. I had a dream the other night that was about me walking in my house and i walk to the kitchen because someone tells me that there are green baby alligators in my kitchen so i walk in there and i see them sitting on the kitchen table one of them was kind of bigger than the rest and it was hissing at me and then i look over and there was a white baby llama… almost like a minuture baby llama loll and it was just looking around!! what does my dream mean?!?!

  118. I had a dream i was practicing a dance in someones house, and that person had an alligator for a pet, and out of all the female that was in the house, the alligator came toward me snappin at my feet.

  119. Hi, I had a dream in which my children where playing outside the backyard, but it was a beach, instead of the usual stuff, in my dream I told my dad, we shouldn’t leave outside like that, she said they were fine, when I looked again, the bottom “sand” was scaly and than I saw a croc comings towards them , I called for them and they coe inside, so did the croc after me, and i climbed the table, I called for my father again, and he grabbed it by the tail, and threw it out, when I looked back there p were a few more black crocks but they all turned away and left. The rest of the dream I was in water,than it tunerd into. Birthday party…and it was close to when I woke up it got confusing and I woke up. Could you help me I have vpbeen so worried, since I read it could be bad luck.thank you

  120. I had a dream that me and my sister was cleaning out my closet and came across a lizard of course the lizard started running. Then when I went in the kitchen an alligator was in the middle of the kitchen floor. What does this mean?

  121. I dreamt that my son was in an empty pool and there was an alligator, maybe more than one. I was standing on the side screaming at him to get out when the alligator came up and bit him across the back. I am still screaming but no sound is coming out, and my husband is screaming at my son for being dumb and getting in the empty pool.

  122. I dreamt that my 2 year old nephew was eating small alligators. His stomach was bulging and moving as the gators were still active, even though he was pulling them apart before swallowing them.
    Can anyone tell me what this symbolizes?

    • Oh, I was hold the big gator and telling its mouth everything was fine. Don’t worryI said. And I was baby talking it to calm it. I didn’t seem to be afraid, as though I had it under control.

  123. I dreamed that alligators was trying to attack me and my family, I was on my couch streaming because the alligator was trying to attack us and attack everyone that was trying to get into the house.

  124. I dreamed I was walking beside the lake with my mother who died in 2010. She said theres an alligator in water and we saw the nose then I said lets go the alligator came out of the water and was coming after me as I was walking backwards. I told my mom to run away and she was behind me. As I was walking backwards away with the alligator persuing me I noticed it was shiny magenta color alligator.

  125. In my dream, I was with my sister along with other people that I can’t remember, and we were swimming in the ocean. Then all of the sudden, a very huge crocodile– really huge!! I only saw the head and it’s really big! Like the head of dinosaur. And it really confused me how come there’s a crocodile in the ocean. Then it swallowed a guy who was swimming. I was so afraid,. I’ve been shouting and calling my sister but I can’t see her. Although, I think I heard her answer to my call but I can’t see her.

  126. I dreamed me and boyfriend were walking through a forest and we came to on top of a cliff and looked down and saw alligators and we started running and the alligator was chasing us and he ended up shooting it

  127. My friend dream she was by the beach and the sea was rough and muddy. Then there was a big frog on the beach and then an alligator came and swallow the frog. What does that mean?

    • I had a similar dream.
      I was in a room by the beach or lake, I was on the bed and the room was full of huge frogs and lots of alligators came and ate them.. Does it has any meaning?

  128. I sometimes dream that I’m swimming in a very deep, very large pool, but there are at least a dozen alligators there with me. They are in the water and on the ground surrounding the pool. It’s usually around dusk, but when I’m swimming I can see the alligators perfectly. I never have a feeling of fear, just caution, even though they never pay any attention to me. The alligators themselves hardly move, every now and then one or two will be swimming at the same time, but my head is usually out of the water if any of the alligators are actually swimming.

  129. I had a dream that I saw an alligator on a rocky shore trying to eat a cat. So I went down to the shore and began to fight the alligator to release the cat. I killed the alligator by bashing its head in and removed the cat. I cannot recall if the cat lived however.

  130. In my dream there were two gators. They were standing on hind legs, walking through town eating every creature. Police tried to kill them, but they were eventually all eaten. Me and a small group of ppl were backed into a fence, throwing licorice to them to eat. Just before we ran out of candy, my supervisor walked up, very non chalant, and started to handle the gators , by feeding and trapping them. I woke up, and didn’t finish the dream. But I did SEE any humans hurt. Just animals. But I assumed in my dream ppl were dead. Help! What is that!?

  131. I had a dream that I was pregnant and that me and a couple of friends who I can’t recall in the dream were about to get attacked by an alligator. We were on the floor of a house trying to crawl away and I was having difficulty getting up as it was advancing toward us. I finally got up and climbed on top of a table, but it attacked and swallowed them whole as I screamed for them to hurry and get to higher ground.

  132. i had a dream that either me or this other lady was running through this pitted area. and aligators came out of the water and tried to grab you but they mever succeeded. but when we went the other way it turned into my grandmas basement and it was either my brother or cousin.

  133. hi,i dreamt a baby alligator had found me and crawled onto my thigh very close to my genitals(im a girl) and stayed there very insistently ,i know it was an alligator and not a croc because i ven had the conversatiin with someone explaining it in the dream,ten i had found a window covered with vegetation and flowers and one of the bloomed flowers was purple and had a nest of one white spider weaving on it.i came back to the baby alligator and i noticed it looked at me and i dont know what i did that it unclawed and left through the window and as it was leaving the spider nest hatched a lot of tiny white spiders,can someone translate?sorry for long post i know spiders mean goodluck and alligators being thick skinned and all that but i want to know how its related to eachother,thanks.

  134. I dreamt there was a few alligators and one of them was giving birth. And I tried to kill the alligator but I was also running away from it. It would just sit behind the wall waiting for me.

  135. I just had a dream that my dog was laying outside in an unfamiliar place eating a platter of food (steak and bread which I would never normally give her). She was no more than 3 feet away when all of a sudden we noticed an alligator swimming just below the surface of some water that was between me and her. We knew the second dog had been outside somewhere and started screaming for both dogs to come inside. A baby alligator also appeared and both alligators went underneath the water. The second dog apparently was submerged under water and put her paw out of the water for me to grab onto (though it looked like a baby human hand until I grabbed onto her). I grabbed her and started pulling her out of the water. As I was pulling her out, I looked up and the original dog that had been laying outside eating was gone. That is when I woke up. It was so odd but really freaked me out…

  136. Last night I had a dream that I was back in my home country with my family in our home. I was pregnant (as I am now). However my son and fiance were not there. Also there was another couple whom I do not know but the woman was also pregnant and we were looking at or exchanging baby gifts. Anyway, while in my sisters bedroom I looked out the window and saw two caiman/alligators in my back yard, just sitting there. I ran to the front and told my dad who said he know because he just killed one. After a while alligators were coming in the house from all directions, seems like they were all coming to me (not too sure). But I climbed on the kitchen table and had a stick where I was using it to keep them away by poking them in the eyes or mouth if they had it open. Suddenly, they just disappeared/went away. My family and I gathered in our yard and were talking. Then a siren (like one for tornado warnings of something like that went off. My dad ushered us all in the house where we had to shut all the windows and doors. We all gathered in a bathroom and put on like oxygen mask. A glass dome thing then enclosed over the house and let out some sort of gas or something. I think like an sanitation or eradication method after having all those alligators on our property. We did not die or suffer any illness as a result of the gas.

    Please help me with this.

  137. In my dream I walked into a living room where a wholesome young family of three or ,maybe four. I had to go through to leave their apartment through this room. As I walked through I saw there was a midsized alligator during in the middle of the room. The mother told me that it would not bite me, and even if it did it had no teeth. She said they had removed them. I was still afraid, but I had to pass it. It watched me, and it’s mouth hung open just enough that I could see it still had teeth. It did not snap, our bite at me and I made it out okay. I had the good sense to be aware of the dangers, but I didn’t get the sense it wanted to bite me. It just watched me…

    • Hi Lucky,

      Your dream means that someone is “Lying” to you about something and or your being “Conned” into doing something. So becareful who you put your trust in ..!!!

      I pray that I have helped You!!!

  138. I dreamt that I was sitting on my bed, and I could see directly into my kitchen and under neath my kitchen table was a large alligator it just layed still with eyes wide open watching me but never moving people kept coming in and I kept warning them not to go into the kitchen which they didn’t listen, and I kept bending down to look at the alligator which never moved but was still watching me.

    • Hi, your dream means that someone is Watching you very closely..The Alligator under your table means that someone is Stalking you right under your nose……

      • last night I dreamt that I was taking my finalsin school and I was writing an essay m long and we hold it big alligator started to walk around the classroom everybody was getting scared of it and so was I wanted had gone I was trying to see the alligator but it would not die I too had a gun I was unable to attack the alligator so I ran up to a higher platform and alligator all the sudden turned its attention on me and stood up and I started to wrestle with that but then the alligator grabbed my wrist and bid on it and would not let go on to another student was trying to shoot it and I kept screaming get the stomach get the stomach get the stomach and finally the boy kill the alligator and as laid down I will still scared I looked on my wrist and it was a couple of scratch marks what does that mean

      • My dream was simple. My ex ,who I’m currently trying to work things out with, and I were walking towards a bridge where she pointed out an alligator by the water. We ignored it and began walking down the wooden bridge. I yelled “ill race you” and started running. The bridge began to shake a lot and my ex got scared so she jumped off into the water below us. Which was knee to waist high. She immediately realized about 12 alligators around her and began running to shore 10ft away. All the gators but 1 ran away. One chased her to shore as I ran to embrace her in my arms by the shore. The gator left us alone after that…

      • Can you tell me what my dream means…I dreamt that a big alligator was chasing me and my daughter in law…I was trying to protect her more than I so I had the alligator run after me so she can run to safety, the alligator ran after me but I wasn’t quick enough to lock the door. But than the alligator started talking I don’t remember the words, I just remember talking back and being more forceful than it. I woke up after that.

      • I had a dream where I was with my brother and we Wer at our house but in the dream there was a basement with what seemed to be a pool of water which was overlooked by a balcony, looked more like a sewage area, my brother had said “hey let’s go see if there are some alligators” so we went down and got to the balcony, then I realized my brother was in the pool of water but on a small inflated tube, a big white alligator came and started thrashing him and he fell into the water, I remember having a gun but when my brother fell in I didn’t want to shoot. I had jumped into the water and I could see that he was sinking and the alligator had gotten him by his hand. And he started to scream furiously. I was swimming down so I could release his hand from the gators mouth but then another one started swimming towards me.. I remember feeling like I had no other choice so I did something which made sense at the time but now is wierd… I typed a couple bottoms or something and everything “turned off”.. Like if we in a game or something..when I had “turned it back on” I could see my brother next to the pool of water sitting down and wet, with a bite mark on his hand, I thought he was fortunate cus I thought his whole hand would be gone.. Woke up right after that

        • I also dreamt of white crocodiles with my younger brother. How is your relationship with your brother? Because in my case we fought over a petty thing and he’s holding a grudge on me.

      • My dream is about a giant alligator/lizard looking creature almost the same length as a mountain. The top of the mountain is a road wherein you see people. Then when the creature reached the road, he did not eat the people, he pushed them off the mountain gently. I was just observing this from a far.