Alms (donations) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Fear to be poor Who distributes alms/donation in a dream wants to be generous, and also expects gratitude. Who dreams that he begs and accepts alms, means that he is so afraid of material hardship that he would like to secure himself “at all costs.” Even if he lets himself to be humiliating.

Psychological Meanings:

Generosity and fear To receive alms, this expresses fear to be a burden to other. You give charity or alms, this shows willingness to sacrifice and also notes that nobody should skimp internally.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Bad luck if request and refuse – This dream is not so positive, this is a sign of misfortune;
  • Joy and loss if freely give – In the dream you give charity/donation, this promises happiness and you may expect to improve your financial situation. For rich one – anger and financial problems;
  • Bad news if be charity recipient – In the dream you are charity recipient, this announces you unpleasant events;
  • True friends if receive – This dream shows that you have good friends and good business partners, you’ll get a good service and help;
  • Generosity if see charity recipient – You have to be more generous with people who need your help.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Worries if get charity – This dream expresses anger and annoyance, also trouble and vexation;
  • Luck if distribute alms – This is a sign of happy days that lie ahead, your plan will have  good success.

* Please, see meaning of beggar, poverty, vagrant.

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