Alpaca dream meanings

General Meanings:

Gift and Luck To dream about an alpaca material means that you will have luck in your life. You will receive a valuable and useful gift if you see the alpaca animal in your dream. This gift or present may change your minds and thoughts to better or more positive. You will find the peace in your soul and minds.

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  1. I had a dream where the local police authority were using Alpacas to help in questioning offending drivers. If the driver lied, the Alpacas would bite them on the wrists. In my dream I saw some people with swollen wrists and they were complaining about how hard they were bitten. I wasn’t bitten in the dream, but I saw others being bitten. The Alpacas looked very calm before they would lash out and bite. Very weird dream, and I cannot think any reason why I dreamed about Alpacas.

  2. I dreamt of a herd of Alpacas trying to chase me out of a wood,one in particular a huge one came up and snorted at me then went away to join the rest of the herd. There was a barbed fence I had to get over

  3. In my dream I gave birth to 3 alpacas (or llamas idk which. I would say llamas, but it seems like in my dream I heard the word alpaca). It’s really weird I know. I’ve had dreams about having triplets before and I’ve dreamt of friends having triplets, but they were always human! Also I’ve never given birth in any dream or in reality. I have 3 children but had c/sections. This was my first experience with natural birth nd it was quite terrifying and painful lol… I swear it was like I could feel pain in the dream! I woke up expecting myself to be in horrible pain and have some hideous alien animal babies somewhere. Oh I’m pregnant right now only about 6 weeks. If anybody know what all these things could mean let me know!!!