Altar dream meanings


Holiness; victims.


What do I worship? Do I want to give something?

General Meanings:

Liberation – In a dream an altar represents the means or the needs, to free yourself something, what is more important than the immediate situation.

Faith and Separation – Typically, an altar represents religious beliefs and ideals that you want to defend. Often this icon is also an indication of the separation between material and spiritual spheres.

Strengthen Faith and Spiritual Development – A believer dream of a richly decorated altar, makes him feel it as a refuge where he can  mentally strengthen. Non-religious altar symbols are considered as indication for a higher spiritual development on a (positive) change of attitude.

Psychological Meanings:

Inner growth and Respect for life – At the psychological level, the altar is a symbol of the voluntary or enforced sacrifice of the dreamer. The act of sacrifice or sanctification must take place in public, so that will be properly recognized. The dream symbol of the altar is not related to the religion of the dreamer. It represents rather an inner maturity, developing a sense of responsibility, or the reverence for life.

Spiritual Meanings:

Thanksgiving for divine.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Success If  see – The dream announces you success in your company and personal life in the near future;
  • Family Joy If see decorated with flowers -This represents a baptism, wedding or joyous family event;
  • Death If with white lilies – This dream is a notice about death and funeral of a friend;
  • Success If with lighted candles – Good sign that a particular project will succeed;
  • Worries (but will be solved) If kneel in front of it – Tells about serious troubles in prospect, but more and higher help will be given to you; Also: Now humility would be helpful to solve the problem;
  • Prosperity If in magical lighting – The dream announces you comfort in your life and success in relations, work or other areas that you do;
  • Happiness If adorn yourself – A good sign which points to happy events and happiness for yourself;
  • Controversy If see priests at the altar – This shows discord and poor conditions at work and at home;
  • Worries and Illness If experience wedding – In the dream you see wedding by the altar, says that your friends bring you worries and also elderly of your family will get sick.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Worries If see in front of you – This is a warning that something will happen in the near future, which can bring you harm;
  • Joy If kneel – The good omen which announces you that your wish will come true;
  • Cry for help If see people kneeling in front – This dream is a signal that someone needs your help. It is very good if you know these people, because they need your help;
  • Heartless If get up and walk through it – This dream wants to show you that your heart like a stone, you have to be more gentle.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Happiness If see -The dream announces you about bright future and happy marriage;
  • Joy If standing or kneeling in front – This dream brings you happy experiences in near future and secret wishes will come true to you;
  • Cry for help If  somebody kneeling in front – This dream is a signal that someone needs your help. It is very good if you know this man, because he needs your help.

* Please, see meaning of church, victims, religious images, table.

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  1. I dreamt about me going to church but I saw a man following me and I was scared and turned back but my husband came fetch me with a car and he was shouting at me saying we will be late at church, when we arrived at church they were finished I saw women standing outside the church wearing black skirts and black shirts with white scarfs, I don’t know what does that mean. I thought they were wearing church uniform.

  2. I dreamt that I was standing at the alter with a guy who I haven’t seen in months and might still have some romantic feelings for. My mother was with us, talking to us. Meanwhile, there were people sitting in what would be the pews, though it looked more like a theater, and were watching us with smiles on our face

  3. my dream was lighting a big glass candle between my son && I I coulnt see the altar but i knew it was there because we were like creating one very small like i knew it was ther as we both hold the candle as we lit to place & raise it towards the altar;