Ambulance dream meanings

General Meanings:

Desire to move This dream shows that you are “screaming” for help. You want that your plans will be implemented quickly into action. Also this may be a warning of danger. Through haste and impatience, you can obstruct all the ways.

Psychological Meanings:

Irresponsible life Do you dream more frequently an ambulance with flashing lights and audible alarm? Then you probably live gladly and dangerously life, not so healthy but with hope that you will be saved at the last moment  – no matter what, how and by whom.

Warning The dream of ambulance is a sign that your conscious does not deal with worries or situation that you have now. Also this is a sign to take care of your health.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Help from others if see an ambulance – This dream shows that you will get help and support. Also fast fulfillment of your desires;
  • Bad luck if an ambulance with flashing lights – In the dream you see an ambulance with flashing lights somewhere near you, this is omen of misfortune;
  • Heal yourself if someone is hit by an ambulance – Your inner feelings are broken or hurt, you have to heal them;
  • Disease if be transported in an ambulance – You are in the ambulance this dream warns that soon you will become seriously ill.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Worries if see an ambulance – This dream signifies that you act very risky and this may bring you some losses and huge difficulties;
  • Dealing with worries if see ambulance with lights – This shows your personal crisis or problems which you should deal as quick as you can;
  • Get rid of fear if be in an ambulance – When you are in an ambulance in your dream, this is a sign that you have to deal with your own fear and worries;
  • Get rid of bad habits if an ambulance with injured people – In the dream you see an ambulance with injured people, this is a time for you to get rid of all bad habits and people who make bad influence to you.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Illness if see an ambulance – When you see an ambulance in the dream, this is a sign about disease or dangerous event in your life;
  • Support if doctors help others – In the dream you see doctors from an ambulance who help the others, this is a sign that somebody from your family members need your support;
  • Wrong decisions if full of injured people – The ambulance is full of injured or hurt people in your dream, this dream is a sign that you make very bad decisions which influence other’s people badly;
  • Heal wounds if see crashed ambulance – The ambulance is crashed in your dream, means that you have wounds in your soul and you have to cure them, because this will not help you to move on.

* Please, see meaning of hospital.

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