America dream meanings


Power, ingenuity, The New World, patriotism, world domination aspirations and protectionism, crime, moral depravity, heresy and false practiced faith in God.


What do I study? What new worlds lie inside me?

General Meanings:

Desire for material success In the dream you see America, this is associated with new continent, courage, pioneering spirit, spirit of enterprise, progress and material success. The continent of America signifies that you will reach your goals through these properties. Perhaps you desire to excessive material success but you will impoverish your soul and spirit.

Psychological Meanings:

The land of opportunity – this term is so deeply rooted in our mind, that even in the dream it appears. This dream appear for those who are tired of the European culture and traditions. On the other hand this may be only curious and unconventional.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Hard work if see America – This dream indicates that happiness will come to you through your own efforts. You will be prosperous and will gain wealth;
  • Success if go there – This announces that you’ll have luck in business or family affairs. This will change your life to better one;

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Happiness if travel to America – In the dream you are traveling to America, this denotes that what you have done will bring you success and satisfaction.

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