Amputation dream meanings




What must I tear apart, to be able to complete myself?

General Meanings:

Fear of loses The dream of an amputation of one or more limbs, this vision may be as a sign of fear or risk for the dreamer to lose the part of himself. When one loses one’s own body part by amputation in a dream, this dream leaves a strong sense of loss. The lost ability, power or property – something what is dear to the dreamer.

Impending losses The loss of a leg indicates restriction of movement, for example, unfulfilled desire to travel. For man the castration dream is certainly related with loss of power and sexual performance. Amputation warns not only about threatening and impending losses. It is also a painful incision in your usual life, you have to think about this.

Psychological Meanings:

Anxiety The old-school psychoanalysts interpret that the removal of limbs usually stands for erotic and sexual anxiety that castration. Also the anger and pain because of separation from a loved one.

Lost mental support According to modern psychoanalysts view, you should notice which limbs were amputated or separated. Amputated feet or legs indicate that there is something that restricts the dreamer in his life – the lost possibilities to develop or  he has lost his mental or spiritual pillar.

Lost ability to perceive The amputation of arms or hands frequently appears in the dream after the death or separation of a partner or lover. Those who lose fingers and then a part of the sense of touch is lost this means that you have lack of feeling to acquire knowledge through senses.

Restriction The absence of a hand probably says that the dreamer does not have enough freedom of action. Who is beheaded in the dream is in danger of waking to lose his head as well – certain recklessness in love relationships.

Spiritual Meanings:

The distortion of the perfection.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Losses if amputated smaller limbs (fingers, toes) – This dream announces about professional losses;
  • Decline in business if amputation of legs or arms (for businessman) – This dream signifies you about upcoming financial and serious business downturn;
  • Division if women sees amputated body part – This dream shows separation of love object or of beloved person;
  • Disinterest if see an amputated hand or leg – This dream indicates a kind of mental or spiritual detachment from your surrounding;
  • Pain if yourself undergo amputation – This dream shows that you will divorce really painfully with the person you love;
  • Barriers to move on if your own hands – In the dream your arms or hands are amputated, this signifies that your action area is limited or restricted, this do not let you to reach higher position;
  • Ability to change life if see amputated your own leg – This dream is a sign that you can not or should not flee any longer, you are on the wrong life. Now it is time to aspect consequence and try to change you life to better.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Division if amputation of any limbs – This dream stands for the separation and loss in your life;
  • Separation if accept to amputate – In the dream you accept to amputate your limbs, this means a separation of a person or a fact of life;
  • Fear if refuse to amputate – This dream shows a fear of abandonment and separation.

Contexts’ Meanings:

To dream amputation meaning in general –  This dream symbol of amputated limbs indicates your feelings which are such as frustration, powerlessness. This signifies about losses but you have to take actions if you want to avoid this. This also shows dreamer’s fear to lose what is important to hi, the loved person. The amputated limbs shows that you are losing your talents and qualities.

To dream amputated legs, foot (feet) – The meaning of amputated legs or foot in the dream, signifies that you will have some losses in your life. This dream is a sign that you have lost the ability to develop yourself, the opportunity to reach better results in your life. You can not make any progress in your life because you are stuck.

To dream amputated arm, hands – This dream indicates that you have lack of motivation. You have limited actions and restriction in your life, somebody hinders you to reach this. You feel helpless about this and you can not stop. This will bring you some financial loss. Also indicates the separation with loved one.

To dream cut off or amputated finger – This dream indicates physical and mental confusion, because you have lost the ability to feel with the sense of touch. Also you feel anxiety because you can not deal with the worries in your life.

* Please, see meaning of doctor, hospital, left, execution, legal.

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  1. Had a dream my father fired two gun shots just above the ankle on my left leg and it separated lots of blood and i fell and my mother was there crying holding me as i was crying telling me it will be ok and i keep telling her it was not going to be at the hospital i was told they could not save it.

  2. I’m sitting on the floor with a saw in my hand & i begin sawing at my ankle ( I recognized it as my own ankle) I cut all the way through it & see my other cut through snkle to my left laying on the floor. My thought is: wow I’m cutting through my ankle & there is no pain nor was there pain when I cut through the other one.

  3. I dreamed my daughter having no hands, sitting next to a computer using her stumps.
    I am very worried, she is a married woman with two children. I would like to get the meaning of this dream.

  4. I dreamed that someone was talking to my parents at the top of a hill…I was walking towards them and asked what they were talking about. The other person then showed me photographs on his phone of amputated fingers, hands and feet with the caption “I’ve been at the grown up toys again…please help me”. I then woke up.

    These were not my fingers but I can’t find any interpretation about someone else’s.

  5. I dreamed that I tripped and fell whilst rollerblading, damaging my legs. The reason why I fell on the course was because a young boy and girl were holding hands and skating slowly down a fast zone. I knew I would hurt them if I slammed into them so I took the fall. My legs were examined and deemed beyond repair (although all I could see was a bruise on one leg and there was no pain).

    But I didn’t protest. Surgery was done. And I was given prosthetic legs (amputated jist before the knee) with roller blades on them. They were awesome. I spent ages using them in the dream. No one knew they were prosthetic until I was adjusting them and someone picked up one of the rollerblades. He was just wondering why the boot was so big and heavy. I shouted out for him to pass it to me, but he wasnt sure if it belonged to me. He checked the name tag on it. Even though he didn’t know my name, when he read it he recognised it as me and was quite shocked. Towards the end of the dream it felt like I had had the prosthetics for well over 2 months now, and it dawned on me that I had not yet told my mother about the incident. I started regretting the amputation. What would she think? I recall the small bruise and wonder if the doctor was right? Whether they truly were beyond saving? I thought for an instant that my mother would have been able to help them.

    Odd dream.

  6. My daughter keeps having dreams of a cut off hand chasing her and trying to kill her shes had this dream many times since she was younger and was brought up again recently whats this dream telling her

  7. In my dream I woke up and i saw that in my sleep I had swung my arm over my bunk bed, I turned and brought my arms to my other side. From the cornor of my eye I saw that my arm was still hanging over the bed. I looked down and noticed that the bottom half of my arm had been disconnected from the rest, I started to panic and the bottom half fell off and landed by my sister bellow, she saw it and began to scream. (I haven’t seen her in years) Then we went through a normal day and my arm grew back. Then it would be night and she’d leave, and, once again, in my dream, I’d wake up. And it happened over and over again: each time she left I’d “wake up” and find my are had once again be amputated. She would become my real sister once again. Then leave. Again and again.

  8. In my Dream my boyfriend cut off my foot; I asked him why and he said that I didn’t need it . He then said to me that it was just a foot and that he wouldn’t look at me any differently without it. I asked where did he put my foot . He told me it was on his porch. I said to him I was going to get it reattached. I went out to his porch and found it and then got in my car. I contemplated that maybe he was right and didn’t need it . Part of me said that no I need my foot. I then went to wawa to go and it get some ice in case I wanted to reattach it. The dream ended. In the dream I never resolved whether or not I was going to leave it off or reattach…..

  9. Very weird dream I had:

    I dreamed that everyone was cutting off their arms. (I recalled that it was because to lessen the muscle pain). When my mom forced me to cut off my arm, I refused because it seemed too painful for me.

    I don’t believe in dream meanings but this one struck me hard on the chest especially that I’ve been stuck in life with my mom forcing decisions on me.

  10. I was dreaming that i woke up in a hospital and my wife (im not married or taken) Was there and she told me i lost both of my arms. I got out of the bed and had 2 prosthetic arms that hung by my side. Then my daughter (i dont have kids) ran in and said daddy what happen to your arms and when she said that i realized to myself that i wouldn’t be able to hug my daughter or wife anymore and i was screaming “oh my god” over and over while crying.

  11. I dreamed my mom was in front of a place where I was visiting. When,when I opened the the car door I saw her leg missing. I asked her why didn’t she tell me about it sooner. My mom is deceased.