Amulet dream meanings

General Meanings:

Good choice The dreamer has to make a decision probably of great importance. The dream symbol of amulet denotes that you will make a correct and safe choice.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Sadness if see an amulet – This dream shows that you are sad, but you will overcome this negative feelings;
  • Completed work if collect amulets – In the dream you collect amulets, this denotes that you will finish your work that lasted for a long time;
  • Annoyance if wear an amulet – In the dream you wear an amulet, this signifies that you will argue with your family member, but after discussion everything will be OK;
  • Take care of your children if find an amulet – This dream marks that you have to take care of your children, they need your attention and care;
  • Changes if buy an amulet – In the dream you buy an amulet, this means that you will make very important decision which will change your life.

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