Anchor dream meanings


Security, stability.


What I would like to hold in my life?

General Meanings:

Pressure In the dream to see the anchor, this indicates that external pressure is too large for the dreamer and he isn’t able to deal with this.

Solving problems When the anchor is thrown out, this is associated with a lifeline. This is like a hope which helps to resolve problem quickly.

Changes In the dream to see a ship with the pulled up anchor, this denotes that you can turn your life ship to a different and unknown direction.

Positive and negative emotions The dream symbol of an anchor which is articulated, signifies confidence, serenity and firmness. To see an anchor which was pulled suddenly and was broken, this indicates uncertainties, doubts and disappointments. In the dream you can not take out the anchor, this shows that the dreamer can not get rid of liabilities or prejudices.

Psychological Meanings:

Stay calm When an anchor appears in the dream, this denotes that the dreamer should stay calm and mentally strong in emotional situations.

Balance The anchor may indicates personality, that you are firm, you have balance in your mind. The dreamer needs encouragement to develop ability to “stand firm” in times of instability.

Spiritual Meanings:

The anchor symbolizes hope, confidence, and healing. The dreamer hopes for future peace.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Fulfillment if see an anchor – To see all anchor in a dream for single people, this marks that you will meet your expectations, you will implement your desires;
  • Good sign if see an anchor for a sailor – This dream means good, when the sea is calm. Everything will be all right in your life;
  • Conflict if anchor for lovers – In the dream to see an anchor, this announces discord in family life;
  • Changes and sadness if see an anchor underwater – In your life you will have disappointments. Also announces unpleasant journey, change of residence;
  • Help if eject or throw an anchor – In the dream you throw an anchor, this means rescue from danger. You will get help from others but you should take the initiative;
  • Worries if broken anchor – In the dream to see a broken anchor, this denotes hardship and upcoming bad luck in your life. Because of this you may loss your friends, but do not worry, they weren’t your real and close friends;
  • Improvement if hold on – In the dream you have an anchor, this indicates that you will improve the situation in which you are;
  • New beginning if anchor in a port – This dream shows that now you have a possibility to start or to create something important in your life.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Fulfillment if see anchor – In the dream to see an anchor , this is very positive sign, that all your hopes will come true;
  • Journey if see on a ship – This means that you will make an unpleasant journey;
  • Warning if eject or throw – This dream is a warning, that there is great danger around you. You have to be more careful;

* Please, see meaning of port, ship.

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