Anger dream meanings


Work on the victim.


What inner strength do I seek?

Psychological Meanings:

Strong feeling Anger is one of the strongest emotions that the person has and can express this feeling very strongly in dreams. This may appears by physical actions or other symbols such as weapons.

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Good things if feel anger from others – This dream signifies that you’ll enjoy something good and pleasant;
  • Absurd if be angry – In the dream you are angry, this marks that you will make yourself ridiculous.

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • News if feel anger of someone – This dream denotes that you will get good and important news;
  • Reproach if see angry person– In the dream you see the person you know and he is angry, then this marks that you didn’t do something in your real life and now it appears as a rebuke;

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • The end of relation if feel anger – This dream is a good sign that you will end a complicated relationship;
  • Bad company if look at angry people – This dream warns you that you will fall into bad company, which will destroy your perfect reputation.

* Please, see other dreams about rage, wrath, strife.

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  1. i dreamed having an arguement with my mistress and she then turned her back on me and ordered that I live her house and I then started to unpack my clothes from the wardrobe and putting in the suit-cover as I was putting them in my car,my mistress sister appeared and asked me where I was gonna go and I told her I was going back to my parents house and just there my daughter cousin appeared in the background waiting in the door watching us as I was to live my mistress came to me and begged me not to leave but I got into my car and left and that was that and I woke up.