Animals dream meanings


Nature; the ability to tame yourself; freedom.


Which part of me wishes to be set free? What kind of features of the animals I can relate to myself?

General Meanings:

In General all of the animals are leaded by instincts. The desire to get what they want brings descendants and helps to improve the quality of life in all means – sexual, playfulness and other. The animals just like human-beings have an ability to warn others about the danger that is lurking for them.
In dreams animals represents those aspects of the dreamer’s personality that are related to instincts. It is very important to notice what kind of the animal the dreamer was dreaming of. There are many different meanings and explanations related to animals in general and the most common ones are these:
Baby animals – usually the dreams that are related to baby animals, shows the reflection of your surroundings. Maybe you are working in the environment where are lots of children or maybe you have many of them yourself. If the baby animal is injured, then such dream might indicate the difficulty to mature;
Animals that have human characteristics – to dream of animals, that have the characteristics just like people have, indicates the creativity of the dreamer. Consider not to be afraid of such dreams, because the aspects of humanity that are integrated in animals shows your ability to see things differently and positively. Make sure you keep that connection within yourself and try to improve it even more;
Killing of animals – if the dreamer killed the animal it could have both – good and bad meanings. As the bad omen, it is said that when you kill the animal, you kill the instincts that lies within you, otherwise it shows your ability to be powerful and strong;
To tame the animal – if the dreamer has tamed the animal, such dream shows the ability to control your own instincts and/ or to used them properly and when it is needed;
When the animal runs away – to dream of being in contact with animal, but seeing him running away for no reason, indicates the doubts you have on your mind. There is a ambiguity within your personality, which you keep fighting. Keep calm and try to divide the animal and human aspects, only then you will be able to keep the peace within yourself.

Psychological Meanings:

Animals in dreams represent the instinctual power that lies in every human – being. The animal in us, shows the actual meaning of the dream.

Wildness in you
It is known that people are different from animals, because of their ability to control the wild aspects which everyone of us has. At these days people live in society, where the use wild side of us is more and more suppressed and controlled. Because of these factors people dream quite often about animals. At least in their dreams they are free to express the suppressed emotions and feelings. Consider, dreams of wild animals is a good and positive omen, because only in them the energy of life is expressed the way we want.

Domestic animals
Domestic animals also have an important meaning in your dream, only it is interpreted lighter, because they are already tamed and more close to human nature. Otherwise, the domestic animals play much more important role than wild ones. People share the life with them day by day, not seeing them only on certain occasions.

Emotional impact in everyday life
The dreams that are related to animals have a very important and big impact with everyday life. When we have an emotional crisis it reflex in our dreams.
For example, someone that just broke up, having the dream of the animal attacking him, then such dream might show the anger towards that person.
Another example, the dreamer has a dream of seeing the animal feeding his babies, then such dream might indicate your parental instincts or the environment which includes children you are surrounded by.
The third example explains man’s relationships to his divorced wife. He was dreaming of being a tiger and trying to eat his ex wife. The dream shows how angry he is, and because in reality these feelings are suppressed, the dreamer experience those feelings through dreams.

Past, present and future
Dreams that are related to animals might represent past, present or future and what impact it has in your life. People very often hold on to past being afraid of moving forward. Some types of the animals might represent the past, for example sleeping bear, because it shows how sleepy, lazy the dreamer is, staying at the same place and not moving forward. The other explanation of animals could show the present state of your mind and life, which could have many different meanings, for example, the dreamer has experience problems with his own pet or thinking of getting one. It also could show the present state of his mind, such as anger (if dreaming of tiger), softness (if dreaming of kittens) and laziness (if dreaming of sloth). Everyone thinks more or less of the future what they would like to do and achieve in life. The dreams that are related to animals could show your desire to have children if, for example you see the pig feeding it’s babies.

Different dream explanations depending on type of the animal:

Monkey – this animal shows the playful, childish, curious and mischievous side of dreamers personality. Sometimes monkeys are seen as aggressive animals, but in reality it just the consequence of curiosity, therefore the dream may show the nosy aspects of his personality.
Bear – this animal represents independence, death, rebirth and power. Polar bear symbolizes the rebirth of your personality. Consider that the bears have very strong instinct of motherhood. It shows how devoted and loving they are when it comes to dealing with the family. The dream could show the important role of motherhood in your life too. For man the dream may have the same meaning and show the parental instincts he has and how much of it playing in his life.
Chameleon – is highly specialized reptile of lizards. If the dreamer dreams of being a chameleon, such dream indicates his ability to adapt himself to different environments and surroundings. The dream also signifies prudence when making important decisions, because the chameleon is known for being fast when it’s needed.
Squirrel – in dreams has a negative meaning. If the dreamer sees the squirrel in his dream, then it shows that the relationships he is in are useless, or the love life is going not according to plan, or you should be aware of making important business deals.
Lizard – to see the reptile called lizard, denotes to your primal instincts. Because instincts have big influence of your life, sometimes you are controlled by them more than you like.
Otherwise, there is a positive meaning, which shows your creativity, tough skin and high opinions.
Unicorn – the main meaning of this dream symbolizes purity. In old book, it is said that unicorns can be seen only by women. The unicorn represents the goodness and innocence of any female. There were many stories about unicorn, which always included love and happy ending, therefore the dreamer should interpreter this dream only as a good omen. Alternatively, the dream could suggest to be more open and do not take everything unilaterally.
Elephant – when dreaming of such animal as elephant, there is a warning to work on aspects of your personality, which requires patience, good memory and stability. There is also a sign, that you hold on to past, keeping memories, longing for old times and ignoring the present. Consider, that elephants also symbolize the royalty.
Frog – for a dreamer to see a frog in his dream means changes or transformations. Everyone knows the fairy tale about the frog becoming the prince, therefore in dreams it might also represent important changes within you or those you are surrounded by. Alternatively, the frog may indicate dirtiness or fertility.
Fox – not only in dreams, but in reality too the fox is known for it’s cleverness, hypocrisy and attention to details. In dreams the fox may indicate you – how smart and careful you are or that you should be more indulgent with some people and do not judge them so quick. The fox can be a warning of someone in your life that is not honest and trust full.
Rabbit/Hare – such animals represent fertility, fear, rashness. Consider to see which aspects of the rabbit you can relate to yourself. Rabbits are known for the ability to fertilize quickly and often. They also are afraid of many things, maybe there is something that you are afraid of? Make sure you do not make any rash decisions, just in case you will be sorry for them later on.
Domestic animals – the animals that we see every day have the biggest impact of the meaning in dreams that are related to animals. They are living close to us or with us, therefore the features these animals have in a dream are most common are recognizable to us. If there are some features that have to be settled down, make sure you do so within yourself either.
Stag/Reindeer – these animals are very hierarchical, which means that the dreamer has very high and good opinion about himself. He knows what he wants out of life, makes the prioritizes, is very opinionated and sometimes even too arrogant.
Dog – is known as the best friend of people. Such dream shows the trust, loyalty, protection and many more positive features. Consider, that it is not always good to be good, because sometimes to achieve things we’ve got to be a bit more stricter. The dream about dog might also indicate someone in your life, that has these features, which means that you should be happy having someone so special and loyal-full. There are more conditions related to dog such as dying dog or sick dog, which would show that the friendship you were holding on is not so special anymore.
Hyena – such animal in dreams is interpreted as the sign of impurity, selfishness, instability and lies.
Hedgehog – as the symbol is known as a bad omen, because of the bad behavior of the animal. The dream warns you to keep a distance with certain person, do not make any important deals, because you will be deceived and misled.
Cobra – is very silent and speedy animal that has potency to keep the balance between bad and good.
Kangaroo – is very rare animal that represents motherhood and strength. Mostly kangaroo is dreamed by people who live in certain places such as Australia.
Cat – is a symbol of femininity, power, creativity and independent spirit. Alternatively, it is a symbol of misfortune and unluckiness. To know the meaning of the dream, you’ve got to tell, if you are a cat lover or not, then you will be able to interpreter your dream as a bad or good omen. Usually when the cat is being angry, bad it signifies your lost connection within your femininity. It is also known that black cat brings bad luck, which in dreams doesn’t have negative meaning if you felt comfortable about it.
Body parts of animals – to dream of animal body parts, have very similar meaning to dreaming of people’s body parts. Being without one or more particular parts of the body, shows that you’ve lost the connection within yourself. To find out more about your dream, please read more meanings about human body parts in dreams.
Toad – causes negative emotions, because the toad as the creature is ugly and disgusting. All of these features reflects in your personality or some person that you are having relationship with.
Leopard – such animal represents power, aggression and loneliness. Maybe you have too much energy and and directing it in wrong direction. The leopard might show the anger which you suppressed.
Lion – this animal is know as the king of the animals. It has the features of strong, grand and powerful animal. In dreams the lion represents the leader and confidence the one has. If the dreamer fights with the lion and wins the battle, then such dream indicates a successful development, as long the lion doesn’t die. If the lion eats the man, such dream shows the risks you will take or lost features which leads to success. Alternatively, the lion might indicate your desire to control everything. Consider, that it is not always good to be over controlled, as others have their opinions and needs too.
Lynx – this animal is known for being very mysterious and secrecy. As in the dream it also suggests you too look closer into your secrets,which means that there is a lot to learn from the problems you have.
Mole – to see this animal in your dreams represents the danger and confusion. The dream shows that you are organizing something to work against others. Alternatively, the dream may be a warning that somebody else is talking behind your back or trying to harm you in any other way. Look deeper into yourself and/or the situations you are in.
Mouse – because this animal is so small, in dreams it might represent the wish to be understood and seen. Maybe you feel like no one pays attention to you, therefore you feel so small. It could also show your actual fear of mice which reflects in your dreams.
Deformed animals – to see animals, that are without some parts of their body or looks completely deformed, signifies about the dreamers features, which are not acceptable to ordinary norms.
Otter – is a symbol of easy life, good fortune and happiness. The dreamer flows easily through life, being happy person. The otter is also known as being industrious animal, who builds things in life, without any complaints.
Horse – this animal in dreams represents strength, power, virility and sexuality. There are many meanings of the horse depending on your sexual libido, ability to handle the difficulties and generally how strong you are as a person. Consider, how the horse looked in the dream, only then you will be able to interpreter the dream in the right way. If the horse is weak, some of your personality is also weak.
Very often the the dream about horse is related to the color of the horse:
black horse – signifies mystery, unknown and wildness;
white horse – purity, innocence, good things in your life, search for eternal love;
Very often the horse have two heads in a dream, which represents your confusion, because you do not know which direction you should go. Make sure, you think of every detail, only then take the important decision.
Rat – this kind of animal causes negative emotions both in reality and dreams. It is known as a symbol of sickness and unknowings. Maybe the dreamer is in the environment at work, home or any other one, that feels unhappy at. The rat can also represent the symbol of rejection. There is a possibility that you feel refused by your family, friends or colleagues.
Reptiles and other cold-blooded animals – these kind of animals are least ones that human-beings have anything in common. The dream of reptiles signifies the features of your personality that are very unusual and unacceptable. Usually the one has such dreams is in fear of something and/or finding it hard to know himself as acceptable person to others. Everyone is afraid of stagnation or death, therefore we should not be afraid to change ourselves and become better people.
Cow – the symbol of femininity, especially in a parental way. It is also a symbol of nourishment, because the cow provides milk to people. The dream shows how devoted and patient you are as a person, as the cow is known for the stability and devotion to others.
Bull – in dreams represent negative aspects of personality such as anger, fear and confusion. If the dreamer kills the bull, such dream indicates the wish to become an adult, where you are powerful and the strongest.
Pests – these parasites represents the rejection of something in your life. Maybe you are surrounded by people, who gives you a bad influence and maybe there are some things that you do not like about yourself.
Sheep/Lamb – the most known thing about sheep is their instinct to go with the herd, therefore the most common explanation of the dream is the dreamer’s habit to do things and live just like the others. The Lamb is known for it’s innocence and goodness. They are also related to low intelligence and the fear of God, which means that the dreamer stays faithful and honest in all cases of the life. If the dreamer dreamed not only of the sheep/lamb, but also the wolf, then such dream indicates the conflict in your life between good and bad. You should consider to choose the good in life instead of bad, because things will go smoothly only when you will behave in appropriate way.
Jackal – as the symbol stands for death and cemetery, which doesn’t have to be interpreted as the bad sign, because it shows the connection you have with another world, because in esoteric theory the symbol of jackal that the dreamer sees in his dream leads the soul of the earth into another dimension – light.
Snake – is the symbol of both females and males, death, reincarnation, rebirth and sexuality. The snake represent instincts of human-beings.
On the sexual aspect, the snake shows the fears and desires that are related to sexuality. For females it could show that she is afraid of sexuality or alternatively is trying to seduce someone. Woman has a power of seducing men, especially those that are horny. For males it is also the symbol of sexuality. It could show their fears of losing the libido or ability to perform as a man. The shape of the snake reminds the organ of the man – penis. It gives the power or the impotency for the men, therefore the dreamer might have the fear of losing it and having those dreams that are related to snakes.
On the death aspect of the dream, some snakes are known as very poisonous, because of the bite of the snake which causes death. Some people are threatened by the snakes, because they seem mysterious and poisonous. If the dreamer saw the snake, that is biting him, then such dream might indicate the actual fear of snakes or it could be a warning of your hidden fears and worries.Alternatively, it could symbolize the forbidden sexual needs and desires.
The snake could also be a symbol of healing and recovery, because of their ability to change the skin. Consider, that if someone is sick, they will get well very soon, as the snake promises the cure of the sickness.
Other snake interpretations depending on circumstances:
Sexual act if snakes are going out of the mouth – such dream may indicate your unfulfilled sexual desires or the lack of the sex;
Refusing to see the danger if see the snake without head – such dream shows that you are ignoring some situation or problem, which will lead you to disappointments if you continue to ignore it;
Looking for sexual fulfillment if eating snake – for a dreamer to eat snake, that is dead or alive, shows your intention to have sexual act.
Pig – in some of the cultures the pig associates with dirtiness, disgusting and stupidity. Alternatively, it represents wholeness, richness and wealthy life. The interpretation of the dream depends on such factors as: if in reality pig for you is not disgusting or dirty, then it means that the dream has a positive meaning, which promises life fulfilled with happiness and joy. If the pig for you seems like dirty and unattractive creature, then the dream suggest you to look deeper into yourself and clear your negative thoughts. Seeing pig being cooked alive, signifies that you got rid of negative aspects in your life.
Seal – the dream about seal, signifies that the dreamer has one vivid element of his personality, which overwhelms the others.
Tiger – is the symbol of dignity, power and kingdom. In dreams it represents the qualities of you such as the ones lion or lynx have. It means that you like to dominate and be the leader of the situation.
Dragon – such animal represents the fear or dignity the dreamer has. If the dreamer is afraid of something, new surroundings or is unable to make important decisions, then such dream shows the fear of the dreamer, therefore he sees or fights the monsters – dragons. He is not taking actions to fight for what belongs to him, instead he steps back and waits for the problems to disappear. If the dreamer fight the dragon and wins the battle, then such dream indicates good luck and fortune you will have. Consider, that in some cultures, especially in eastern ones, the dragon is seen as spiritual creature, which leads to another dimension and/or world.
Injured animals – those that are sick or injured, represents the hurt that is done on emotional or spiritual level.
Transformations into animal – if the dreamer transformed from human-being into any animal, then such dream indicates his ability to adapt to different circumstances.
Prehistoric animals – if the dreamer dreams about animals that no longer exists, such dream shows unhealed wounds from the past.
Whales – in dreams the whale is explained as the symbol of rebirth and reincarnation, because in reality they live underwater, they show hidden dimensions.
Weasel – as the symbol in dreams is known as the deceiver, which means that you have some negative intentions towards someone. It could also show that there is a lack of trust when you are communicating with others.
Wild animals – these kind of animals associated with danger and unknown places, therefore if the dreamer has such dream, it means that he doesn’t feel secure and safe. Alternatively, the dream may indicate that the dreamer has to slow down and tame his behavior. The dream might also indicate the freedom the dreamer wants or getting one at the moment.
Vertebrate animals – those that have a backbone are known as vertebrate animals, which in dreams means that those who dreams of these kind of animals have stability and balance in their life.
Wolf – to dream of one wolf, usually symbolizes the dreamer who feels alone and lonely. The dream may also indicate your fear of other people. Alternatively, the dream shows your grace, self – confidence and pride. The dream shows that you are able to fit in any situation and join any circumstances you are surrounded by.
Zebra – this animal is not dangerous and denotes to balance and harmony of the dreamer’s personality. The zebra also shows the opposites: good and bad, white and black, which means that maybe sometimes you are the person that goes into extreme situations.
Goat – this animal represents the creativity of male energy and vitality. Alternatively, the goat can be interpreted as the bad omen, where the human – being behave in an inappropriate way, has negative thoughts that are related to sexuality. If the dreamer was riding on the goat, then such dream indicates the strong bond between the dreamer and his negative thoughts.
Hybrid animals – if the dreamer saw the one or more animals that are composed of few animals and looks unnatural, then such dream signifies the confusion you are in at the moment. Consider, what kind of hybrid animal you saw, because only then you will be able to indicate the important details of your dream. The parts of the hybrid animal that are dominating are also the parts that make an influence of who you are and what you dreamed of.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

In general the animals represents the hidden instincts and characteristics the dreamer has through his dreams. To interpreter the dream in a correct way, you have to look into individual animal, only then will be able to make a good and correct explanation of your dream.
You will overcome the obstacles if dream of wild animals that you’ve tamed – the dream indicates your ability to deal with the most difficult tasks;
Shows the soft side of your personality if see small animals – such dreams usually indicates the positive aspects of you, such as innocence, goodness and tenderness;
Happiness if feed the animal – to dream that you are giving the food for animals, promises luck and happiness in your life;
The enemies trying to get close to you, if you are pursued by animals – if in a dream one or more animals are going after you, then it means that you are very close to danger, therefore try to be careful with those you are in contact;
Be cautious if talking to animals – if the dreamer sees himself talking in a language of human – beings, then such dream warns him to be careful with his friends, family or colleagues;
Cardinal changes in your life if see many different animals – if the dreamer sees many different types of animals, then such dream means that there is a havoc in your life and many things are going to change in a positive or negative way, it all depends on you;

Hindu (Hinduism)

Will achieve great results if tamed the animal – such dream promises great future for you and your family;
Do not be as much sincere as you are at the moment if hear animals talking – the dream is a suggestion to be aware of people, because you are so good to them, they might use it against you.

Arabian (Islamic)

Will get a profit in a questionable way if tamed the animal – if the dreamer saw himself taming the animal and achieved it perfectly, such dream means that he will get rich, but in unknown way;
Someone will cheat on you if hear talking animals – such dream shows that someone will be unfaithful or will deceive you, Beware of those people and try to protect yourself;
Happiness if feed the animal – to dream that you are giving the food for animals, promises luck and happiness in your life;
Freedom if dream of wild animal – the most common explanation of the wild animals is the desire of the dreamer to be free and independent. Such dream shows the instinct of the human – beings to be as much free as the animals are;
Loyalty of your friends if dream of pastures – such dream shows how lucky you are having friends that you can trust of;
Cardinal changes in your life if see many different animals – if the dreamer sees many different types of animals, then such dream means that there is a havoc in your life and many things are going to change in a positive or negative way, it all depends on you;
The enemies trying to get close to you if you are pursued by animals – if in a dream one or more animals are going after you, then it means that you are very close to danger, therefore try to be careful with those you are in contact;
Fortune and good future if you are in friendly contact with animals – to spend time with animals, feel safe between them and be absolutely happy about that, signifies your calm and harmonic life.

Artemidorus Meanings:

According to Artemidoros the dreams that are related to animals is a good omen, especially when the dreamer is fighting with them. The man that is fighting with an animal will provide the meat for many people. For slaves such dream has a good meaning only if the one who wins the fight is the animal, because it announces the end of the slavery and freedom which was wished for. Alternatively, the dream promises bad life when the animal is sick and carrying the disease, because he will not be able to provide good and healthy meat.

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


Nature; instincts; the kingdom of animals; support; mental and physical nourishment.


The kingdom of animals is divided into four different types which are: swimming, crawling, flying and walking animals. Each of them are very individual and have completely different characteristics. Animals are more dependent on various factors, than plants are. Otherwise animals are more independent than human-being are. Because of the need to feed themselves, some animals are inseparable from hunting. However, not all of them are as much rapacious as the other ones.

General Meaning

The most intense features of animals are the instincts, knowledge how to survive and fecundate. The ability to survive even at most difficult circumstances is enormous.


Natural instincts; ability to adapt to different circumstances; feel the nature.

Transcendent Meaning

A gift in the form of help, knowledge , food supplies, songs and other qualities.

Contexts’ Meanings:

* Please, see meaning of pet, predator.

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  1. I had a dream where I had a rat in my living room. The rat was pink and missing fur, and had a pair of large paws growing out of its back. I was not afraid of the rat, but was repulsed by it, and called my cat to come and kill it. What could this dream mean?