Anteater dream meanings

General Meanings:

An unfavorable dream. Do not take any risks.

Psychological Meanings:

Lack of trust To destroy an anteater in the dream, means that the dreamer probably has not sufficiently recognized the own efficiency and qualification of the environment.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Troubles if accidentally step on the anteater – This dream is a sign that you will be haunted by worries and troubles. Also through your own awkward behavior you will provoke a lot of annoyance;
  • Unhappiness if crush or destroy anthills – This dream announces you misfortune and sorrow;
  • Warning if see an anteater – This dream symbol of an anteater signifies about your finances, you have to be very attentive with you investments;
  • Worries if anteater in the zoo – This dream shows that now you are focused on difficult situation and troubles;
  • Be attentive if see walking anteater – This dream signifies that new issues are coming to you. They can help you to improve your life if you do not make a mistake;
  • Too curious if be an anteater – This dream symbol stands for curiosity, but this may bring you troubles or good things.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Good work if see anteater – This dream announces you great job in sight;
  • Warning if step on – The warning to be beware of bad company, this may damage your reputation and work;
  • Wise if see digging – This dream announces that you are very  wise person and you are searching for better decisions to avoid troubles;
  • Fight if smash willfully – To smash or destroy an anteater, this is a sign that soon you have to fight and struggle for your own existence.

* Please, see meaning of ant.

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