Antelope dream meanings



General Meanings:

Spirit beauty The antelope appears in the dream, when a dreamer requires beauty, grace and speed. The dream symbol of an antelope denotes spiritual desires. The desire to show your heart and to help people around you.

Joy and happiness Also this dream may bring you happy events, good news and luck in your life.

Psychological Meanings:

Erotic symbol A typical man’s dream, this stands for a symbol of the exotic and erotic women. To conquer and to reach such a woman is very charming, proud and hard.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Joy if see an antelope – In the dream you see an antelope, this dream indicates happiness and pleasant events in your life;
  • Fulfillment of desires if see a lot of antelopes – This dream denotes that you will implement you ambitious goal, if you provide the necessary energy;
  • Love if see an antelope (a young woman) – A young woman dreams of an antelope,  this dream indicates that you will have have great love and wonderful spouse in your life;
  • Some difficulties if see an antelope in the zoo or cage – This dream announces you some worries but for a short time, later everything will come to better, you will get free from all hardships;
  • Disagreements if kill or see dead antelope – In the dream you kill an antelope, this dream will bring you unhappiness and quarrels in your life;
  • Need to be loved if hunt an antelope – When you are hunting an antelope in your dream, this dream denotes that you will have everything in your life all the material things. And now you only one desire to be loved;
  • Lost joy if see hurt antelope – In the dream you see hurt antelope, this is not very good sign. this signifies disappointment and unpleasant events in near future;
  • Success if antelope is running in the fields – In the dream you see an antelope what is running in the field, this announces you great wealth and wonderful life.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Richness if see an antelope – This dream shows that you will earn wealth, because of your hard work;
  • Good news if see eating antelope – When you are dreaming of an eating antelope, this dream will bring you good and perspective news, which may change your life to better;
  • Marriage if see many antelopes – Very positive dream which shows that you will have a happy marriage with happy children;
  • Bad target if killed an antelope – You are killed an antelope in the dream, this dream marks that you have chosen the wrong target in your life, you will not be able to reach and implement this;
  • Missed chance if hunt an antelope – In the dream you hunt and antelope and you do not kill it, this dream denotes that you have missed something very important in your life.

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