Anvil dream meanings

General Meanings:

Nature force The dream symbol of the anvil stands for fundamental forces of nature. Everybody in our life have a situation in which we have to deal with natural force.

Take responsibility and serious changes The anvil often denotes that each of us create happiness and worries, so we have to be responsible for impending changes no matter are they favorable or unfavorable.  If the anvil falls and shatters, this is a sign that soon you will have a serious issue, which may change your life and future.

Psychological Meanings:

Be a hammer instead of an anvil The anvil as a symbol of the spark of life and the initiation has a huge power. To work with an anvil in the dream, this signifies that you want to get rid of something unpleasant from your soul, that makes you trouble. Also you have to use more power and strength in your real life – to be a hammer instead of anvil.

Spiritual Meanings:

The anvil is the art of the silversmith ( Norse deities). This creates new life, creates beginning and sends a message to spirit to be ready to start creation. Anvil is a symbol of virtue, courage and strength.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Unpleasant events if see an anvil – This dream indicates loss in important situation and also dispute with friends;
  • Do not waste your efforts if banging on it – This denotes that you try to use force to achieve something that is nearly impossible for you;
  • Be more patience if can not put something on an anvil – In the dream through hard work and with patience you can not put an item on the anvil, this means that you have to be patient if you want to overcome difficulties;
  • Joyful work if see hot iron and sparks – This will bring you fun and exited work;
  • Success after hard work if work and beat on anvil – This dream signifies that you’ll have to put a lot of effort and work, only then the fate will give you new forms and positions and they can be successful;
  • Good harvest if have an anvil (for a farmer) – This is very good omen and this will bring you rich harvest;
  • Missed chance if see a broken anvil – This dream shows that you have missed good chances and opportunity through negligence;
  • Success if have an anvil (for women) – The success is near you, but you have to work under difficult circumstances and to put all your efforts if you want to catch it;

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Unfavorable time if see an anvil – This is a warning that you do not have to play with your life, because you are not accompanied by good fortune;
  • false friends if banging on it – You have to avoid bad friends because they will bring you damage;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Luck if see an anvil – This means that you may expect some luck;
  • Now worries if working (hammering) – It is a very positive omen, you will overcome everything without any difficulties.

* Please, see meaning of hammer.

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