Aphrodite dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

The dream symbol of Aphrodite denotes the desire for spiritual fulfillment and feminine beauty. This dream indicates that you desire to be beautiful not only with your appearance but also to show your inner world beauty. Perhaps you desire to become more intelligent and wiser personality.

* Please, see meaning of gods.

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  1. I had recently been studying Aphrodite in school, so maybe this fact had something to do with the dream I had, but it was unlike one I had experienced before. In the dream, I was walking on the platform between two flights of spiraling stairs. I saw a statue there of a female figure much shorter than myself, but I was drawn to the plaque at the bottom. I can’t remember verbatim what the words were except the segment ‘hazel eyes’. I immediately dropped to the floor in tears, as if years of emotional burden was being unleashed. Moments passed before I looked up to the face of the statue and knew that it was Aphrodite, and that her spirit was within the statue. I can’t remember if she was smiling or not, but I do remember sensing a great power from her. I felt I should be fearful of her power but not fear her. I am still currently mesmerized by the whole thing.

  2. I’ve just had a dream about 3 people who were apparently Greek Gods, one was hades, the other was Aphrodite, then the last one was Poseidon. Then I just prayed to any God that would answer, then they showed up in front of me as birds, but later they morphed into people. I took a great look at Aphrodite and said ” You’re beautiful”, she told Hades if she could talk to me, but
    he told her gods can’t interfere. The weirdest thing was that Aphrodite looked like the woman I would love to date. Including Hades seemed like one of my favorite actors. Then Poseidon looked a lot like a warrior from Sparta the movie. And they all were protective and cool. Then there’s just me in awe.

  3. My dream of Aphrodite was like this. We (me and the goddess) were in an ll white room and the whole time we were together, she says nothing. She just looks at me intensely and is just holding my hands. I felt no fear, only love. We never had an exchange of words. She would juat look me in my eyes and hold me like we had been together for years. when I do go to speak to her, she would just put a finger over my lips as if to say don’t say anything. Let’s just be. my birthday is in the first week of may, so I think that’s why I see her. But it only happens before may actually comes. I have been having this dream for year and have always takenit as just that,a dream. But its to the point now that I know who it is and can really feel her. What does she want from me?I don’t understand

  4. So I had a dream where I saw me and this man I like who I have a connection with going through various scenes of life there was when we were together for real in our past. Than it would show me various scenes of us in the future Being together. I After seeing all these different scenes I felt sad because i was just watching myself and not living it so i turn around and there was Aphrodite she looked at me smiled and said “don’t worry it will happen in time.” my dreams have always had meanings and I was just wondering if someone could give me an opinion on what they think it may mean.