Apostle dream meanings

General Meanings:

Help and support The dream symbol of an apostle, this indicates that you will get help from above. You will meet spiritual teacher who will help you to enlighten your spirit and inner world. The apostle denotes success and strength in your life.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Help from others if see apostles – To dream of apostles, this dream indicates that you  will get a sponsor letter and this will solve your concern about current situation;
  • Success if talking with apostle – In the dream you are talking with an apostle, then this dream signifies that you will have success in your life;
  • Support if be blessed by apostle – This dream marks that you will get help and support from your closed friends and you will deal with your difficulties.

* Please, see meaning of Christ, Prophet.

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  1. I’m a hindu by religion. But I had a dream of rowing boat with an father sitting in front of me. We travel for some time down the river and stop at a place where there is a white fountain with marble statues. The dream ends there. I had the same dream 3 times. Later when I searched the internet, i found that the father i was travelling with is “St. Bartholomew”. What does this mean?

  2. Early this morning between 3am and 6am I woke up and went to the restroom and returned to my bed in which I read a short devotion by Charles Stanley, called “Living above Your Circumstances” Phil 1:12-18. After the short study I laid down and spoke with the Lord, saying yes Lord I am angry and frustrated at this point and time in my life with all that is going on with me and my family. I am tired and don’t know how much more I can go on like this or take. I never like to complain to the Lord, but then my true self is not revealed to Him anytime I come before Him. I fell back to sleep and had a dream. In this dream I was in a room and saw myself talking to Apostle Paul who was sitting on a bed or day bed. All I know was that it was Apostle Paul. I could not gather what was being said between us, but I remember me asking him at the end to pray for me. As he started to pray, I looked out this window next to us and there was this giant looking in, and with a swoop, he tried to grab me and I ducked down causing him to miss me and I woke up. Its just one of those dreams that just sticks with you, WOW, I said to myself as I lay there