Appearance (performance) dream meanings


Performance, achievement.


Where in my life am I looking for recognition?

General Meanings:

Very important attitude or opinion from others Who is not an actor in the real life but in the dream acts in the performance as a professional or amateur actor, this dream signifies that the dreamer is concerned about his personality and his effect on others. On the stage we are visible, exactly as in our everyday life, so we hope to reap applause and boos at times (praises and rebukes). The audience is probably our friends, neighbors and colleagues. We are interested in their opinion and attitude about us, so it is very important to remember the details of audience behavior and this will help us to find out what bothers us.

Psychological Meanings:

Fear of failure If you stand facing all alone in the spotlight and all eyes in the room look only at you? Then you’re afraid of failure or you are afraid to be not so perfect as others hope.

Courage If you feel good while performing then this encourages you to be brave and face the responsibility. The negative side of this dream may be a sign that you overestimate yourself.

* Please, see meaning of applause, stage, theater.

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