Archaeology dream meanings


Rediscovery of the past.


What kind of old knowledge I want to rediscover now?

General Meanings:

Past experiences  The dream of Archaeology indicates the past. The past shows our important things and experiences. Also this may show that you have troubles or unsolved issues from your past and that is why the archaeology appears in your dreams. Now you are ready to deal with them.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Use your experience if be an archaeologist – This dream marks that you need to use your past experiences, this will help you to find the answer;
  • Important things if dream archaeology – This dream shows that you are looking for something from your past, what was very important to you;
  • Forgotten friend if see an archaeologist – In the dream you see an archaeologist, this signifies that you have to remember the person who was very important and closed to you, because you have forgotten him.

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