Archetype dream meanings

General Meanings:

Thinking, feeling, sensual and intuitive perception Each person keeps archetypes deeply in his subconscious. In some ways, they are “supernatural” plans. These plans may be accomplished in childhood experiences, socialization, and even through the experience of parenthood, also they can be distorted. C. G. Jung began to study the archetypes and divided their function in thinking, feeling, sensuous and intuitive perception. Each function has “positive” and “negative” characteristics, which can be described with adjectives “more” or “less”. Each of the male and female sides of the personality has these four functions. The perfect balance may be achieved if all sides of the personality can be expressed as:

  • The loving father and loving mother are self-explanatory.
  • The monster represents negative inserted male anger, and the mother can destructively and deliberately destroy or simply suffocate this.
  • The bright young man and the Princess are more amiable, fun-loving personality.
  • The hero is the part of independent, messianic personality.
  • The Amazon stands for self-satisfied female – career woman.
  • The villain is the masculine part of the self, the power to use others for own purposes.
  • The athlete, the typical “women’s libber” who says she doesn’t need any men (like Amazon).
  • The Priest or priestess are the intuitive powers that are available of the “big whole”.
  • The magician/wizard uses his power cruelly and callously.
  • The witch uses her power emotionally and possibly negatively.

Psychological Meanings:

  • The loving mother: She reflects the traditional picture of the careful mother who forgives for violations, hurts which is always understanding. This side of the female still experiences high esteem and appreciation. But it can happen that you will develop this at the expense of other aspects of personality.
  • The destructive mother: This archetype is either about a suffocating motherhood or the openly destructive forbidding wife. Often this is such a type of woman who deliberately prevents relations with the dreamer or willfully complicates this, because of others influence.
  • The Princess: This archetype denotes the fun-loving, innocent and childish aspect of the female. The Princess is absolutely spontaneous and at the same time she has her own way to deal with other people.
  • The Siren: This archetype stands for the temptress, the woman who knows and saves her sensuality and sexuality.In dreams, she often appears in historical, flowing clothes in order to emphasize her erotic aura.
  • The Amazon: It’s the independent woman who does not need any man, but many career women has a huge past of Amazon. She enjoys and satisfies the research, aggressiveness, intellectual war of words.
  • The Contestant: Behind this archetype hides the woman who competes with everybody – with both men and women – and she will show all her efforts to prove that she can take her life into her own hands.
  • The Priestess: It is an extremely intuitive woman who has learned to control the flow of information and to use it for the public interest.
  • The Witch: She is very intuitive person, but she uses her energy for her own purposes. She decides purely subjective and therefore lose her critical judgment.
  • The loving father: this side of the male is the traditional image of facing your father, who has the ability to take care of the child and others and to provide his decision as fair and absolutely unshakable.
  • The monster: It represents the angry, aggressive, scary side of the male.
  • The bright young man: This stands for the fun-loving, curious side of the male which both are sensitive and creative.
  • The Drifter: He represents the freedom-loving man, the eternal wanderer, the gypsy. He does not hold any loyalty, and drives him only the prospect of the next adventure.
  • The Hero: it is about a man who has decided, to take on his own a journey of discovery. He can consider offers and surely decide the next step. In the dream, he often appears as a messianic figure. He saves something or someone, but only if this helps to promote his own growth.
  • The villain: This archetype stands for completely selfish man who does not cares on whom he walks over. In the dream, he is often a threatening and menacing figure which recurs when the woman refuse to come to terms with her selfishness.
  • The priests: The intuitive man who recognizes and understands the power of his intuition, and he uses this for the service of God and the community. In the dream he can appear as a shaman or pagan priests.
  • The Magician/Wizard: This man uses his judgment completely dispassionate, for both good and bad, only because he enjoys the exercise of power. More negatively, he is the swindler or the master of unexpected changes.
  • Urboros: The snake that bites its own tail, is a symbol of consciousness and need for development (the primordial chaos in people, the contradictions of good and evil, man and woman).
  • Mandala: Circle and square are combined in this symbolic drawing. It is a sign of self-realization.

Spiritual Meanings:

If the dreamer access to all archetypes equally then he is ready to unite all into whole.

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