Arena dream meanings

General Meanings:

Searching for opportunities In the dream you are a doer or a spectator in the arena, then this dream signifies that you desire to be in the environment where they can offer you more opportunities for self expression or creativity.

Removing weakness In the arena we compete with our opponents, we fight for better emotional relationship. It’s not just people who show up there, but also the animals. We have to find and to uncover our weakness and remove them.

Psychological Meanings:

Showing yourself The symbol of an arena stands for a place in which we have to show ourselves under all circumstances “for all to see”. Also this may bring damage to you, because we underestimated the possibility to be destroyed.

Deal with conflict openly Maybe this dream is a sign that we have to deal with our worries and conflicts not only inside yourself but with all the people around you. Perhaps this conflict must be dealt with openly. Arena symbolizes our conscious perception and experience, this becomes understandable only of what is happening inside.

Spiritual Meanings:

An arena indicates a ritualized conflict. Today’s sports are used as compensation.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Danger if be alone –¬†Dreaming of being alone in an arena, this dream signifies about danger for you , you have to avoid crowded places;
  • No risk if not alone in an arena – You are with some people¬†in the arena, this marks that you will avoid risky events in your life.

* Please, see meaning of circus.

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