Arm dream meanings


Strength; be ready.


What am I ready for? What do I have to prepare? What am I ready to give or receive?

General Meanings:

Creating own life Generally in the dream Arms stand for the ability to form/ to make/ to create the life, to work for that independently and actively, to create something, to change or to destroy.
Special interpretations of this symbol can be the following accompanying circumstances:

  • Injured arm – it is limited and constrained ability to act.
  • Strong arms – to put in a little bit of elbow grease at work and at home and this leads to success.
  • Too short arms – announces despondency, because everything goes wrong and fails.
  • Too long arms – means that can not detect small but important details.
  • Weak or drought arms – in some cases show helplessness.
  • Strong hairy arms – indicates money growth.
  • Arms which embrace us – the help is coming.
  • Own arms – announces hard and difficult work.
  • One arm – may indicate inhibition or other obstacles in life and feeling of weakness.
  • Broken arms – can indicate impending disputes and losses.
  • An arm amputation – indication of restrictions and limitations of own personal opportunities for development.

Psychological Meanings:

The ability to act The arm and the hand belong closely together. In a dream appears an arm, this stands symbolically for the ability and the basis for an action. Accordingly, this may be interpreted as the loss or paralysis of an arm.

Spiritual Meanings:

The arm symbolizes your ability to express all your feelings, thoughts and needs, desires, to realize or to destroy this.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Heavy job if see your own arm in a dream – This dream symbol announces you hard work;
  • Hard times if see particular size – In the dream you see particular size arm, this signifies hard times and hard work in your life;
  • Strength if strong and powerful arms – When strong and powerful arms appear in the dream, marks power, honor and health;
  • Jollity if have one small arm – Your life will be full of lively and cheerful activity or celebration;
  • Disease if weak arm – This dream indicates illness of a brother or a sister;
  • Hard life if long arm – In the dream you see long arms, this shows heavy and difficult work;
  • Fail if short arms – When arms are short in the dream, this is a warning of a project or work you do, that you may not have adequate funds to finish this and you will fail;
  • Bad influence if raise – The relationships that you have now are not free from negative influences. You have to be very attentive with people around you;
  • Wealth if hairy arms – This is very good sign about profit, fund, inheritance, income;
  • Disputes and worries if break an arm – In the dream you broke an arm, your work is changing, you will make reckless actions, disagreements, disputes and quarrels in the family;
  • Losses if see a broken arm – This dream will bring you loss, danger, threat;
  • Losses if have stiff arms – This dream announces loss of money due to poor health;
  • Illness if lose an arm – In the dream you lose an arm, this signifies a death or serious illness in the family;
  • Warning if amputated arm – This means separation and divorce, have to be aware of deception and fraud;
  • Fortune if hairy and strong arms – This dream shows fortune in lottery prize and assets, also prospect at work;
  • Opportunity if someone spreads his arms to you – You have good opportunities to present yourself with the help of friend.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Challenge if see an arm – This dream shows challenges in your life;
  • Helplessness if injured arm – In the dream you see that your arm is injured, signifies inability to take care of yourself;
  • Strength if see right arm – The right arm in the dream, shows that you are strong and perspective to reach your goals;
  • Sensitivity if left arm – The left arm shows the sensibility and appreciation.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Bad luck if arms broken or cold – Dreaming someone whose arms are broken or cold this announces misfortune, the disappointed in all your wishes;
  • Fulfillment if becoming stronger arms – In the dream the arms become stronger and stronger, means that your hopes and desires will fulfill, you will have strength and success;
  • Richness if growing hair – In the dream the hair grow on arms, you will increase your property, a poor man will become rich;
  • Lots of work if have a large arm – This indicates a lot of work in your life;
  • Poverty if have a little arm – In the dream your arms are little this shows poverty;
  • Death if right arm is missing – This dream announces the death of closed relative;
  • Death if left side is missing – The death of a distant relative;
  • Avoid conflicts if break an arm – This dream shows hardship and danger in prospect and you must watch out of conflicts with the family members.

Contexts’ Meanings:

To dream right arm – In the dream you see the right arm, this dream symbol shows your activeness and skills that you have – the creativity and strength. Hurt or wounded arm in the dream signifies that there is a lock of these skills, or you may have lost the power and influence.

To dream left arm – When left arm appears in the dream, this shows that you are loyal and confident person. The left arm stands for relationship and care.  Hurt or wounded left arm shows that something is wrong with your relations, you have to pay more attention to people you love.

Injured and wounded arms in the dream – This dream symbol signifies inability to create or to reach your goals. Also you are unable to take care of yourself, to solve all the worries that you have. You do not trust yourself, you have to be stubborn person and try to reach your goals.

To dream strong and hairy arms – This dream symbol is very positive. This announces you wealth life, good earnings, great work. Also this shows that you have a fortune in your life, the luck in lottery or the luck in personal life.

To dream long arms – The meaning of long arms in the dream is that you have to work really hard to reach your goals. You have to put lots of efforts to have what you wants. Also this signifies that you are very hard working person, because you can not reach everything so easily.

To brake the arm in the dream – In the dream you see a broken arm or you broke it, this is a warning about upcoming disputes and worries in your family. You are unable to deal with this by your own, you need a help from your family members. You will have misfortune in your life.

To dream short arms – This dream announces that you will fail in everything what you do. You have to think again what you do. This may be a signal that maybe this is not the right way. This misfortune will bring you some losses.

* Please, see meaning of body, amputation.

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  1. I dreamt I was in a strange little town preparing for a public festival of some kind. My family were preparing but felt like outsiders. I was walking alone down a street on my way to or from where they were staying and getting ready… I felt oddly off balance and as I was walking down the street I tripped on a toy that some children had discarded near where they were playing. I fell which made my skirt dirty, muddy spot down the right side. A wise woman who I seemed to know made me wait, I felt helpless, she berated the kids for leaving things around for me to trip over. I was embarrassed because I had tripped and fallen the day before in the same manner. Finally, she calls me into her white apartment building. Once inside she pulls my arms toward her and I can see they are unusually hairy (blond hair) she very purposefully and efficiently plucks three hairs out of my right arm. I think to ward off some bad luck or some kind and then says..”And what does the wolf care?” after which I wake up.

  2. I dream of a my dream my family betrothed me in this guy that I don’t even know my focus here is when we’re in the table he’s beside me and I suddenly move my chair just to avoid him..but in my surprise he grab my chair and move the chair right beside him then that’s the time were I feel his right arm in my left arm and that feeling when I was in that dream make me feel realistic I don’t know but I can feel his hairy arm next to my left arm.

  3. Dream that a nurse was questioning me about my broken hand and I was telling her how it was broken in my wake life my left hand was broken please tell me what this dream means

  4. I had a dream my friend was in my room & one of her arm, I believe the left was a amputated. Just the hands were missing. .. she was trying on my watch. .. her hands looks similar to my cousin after he got it cut off by a machine

  5. I had a dream that I mistakenly got a glimpse of a third arm. I realized it wasnt mine. I said “I knew you were there” and I grabbed the arm with my left hand. It was very strong and tried to pull away. I had to use all the strength I had to bring my right arm up to help me. I did and grabbed the arm with both hands and started pulling it to keep it from disappearing. It was pulling away. I pulled and pulled and them tried to bite it, then I felt something scratching my right arm and I thought in the dream that i woke up and let go, I realized I was still dreaming and got scared I would have a mark on my arm and that startled me and I woke up.