Arrested dream meanings


Forced stagnation; To be caught.


Why do I have a fear to be caught? What I would like to halt?

General Meanings:

Your own attitude To be arrested in the dream, then this dream marks that the dreamer holds and keeps his natural self expression and moral opinions. To arrest someone in the dream, then this shows that the dreamer instinctively disapproves some parts of himself.

Feeling guilt An arrest can stand for senses of guilt, intentions, needs and behaviors which the dreamer rejects in himself. You have to analyze them and to accept or to change. Sometimes this dream goes as a sign that you have to get rid of your own sense of blame and a wrong suspicion.

Psychological Meanings:

Do not criticize Somebody is arrested or you see when somebody arrests another person, you have to try not to criticize your fellow man, because it might fall back on you what you dedicate for others.

Wish to run away and warning The place where you saw the action of arrest is very important because this may show the environment from which one you want to escape. Also this dream is a sign that the dreamer has to stop and to think where all the actions and decisions will lead him, because this may bring damage.

Spiritual Meanings:

The arrest in a dream is an indication that there is a need for a leading position.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • No fraud if see arrest – In the dream you see arrested people or cause that, then in your real life you will understand that it is not able to deceive intelligent and wise people;
  • Not guilty if be arrested – You became arrested in the dream, then this dream marks that you may feel that you are suspected for no reason at work or at home;
  • Fear to create if strangers are arrested – In the dream decent-looking strangers are arrested, then this dream shows you inner feelings, that you are afraid to implement new plans or to make changes in your life because of failure.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Trust if be arrested – To become arrested person in your dream you are false suspicious without concrete reason, you will show that you are really trustful person.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Damaged reputation if be arrested – In the dream you became arrested person, then in your real life you honor and respect will be damaged because of others fault.

* Please, see meaning of arrestprison, police, authority figures, people, assault.

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