Ascetic dream meanings

General Meanings:

Ability to become wiser and higher personality The Ascetic as a dream symbol may represent the wisdom of the unconscious, to which we should listen more. In the dream to touch an ascetic or holy man, so this means that you admire higher and wiser personality. Perhaps the ascetic in a dream appears as the desire to search for simplicity and to improve and to develop yourself mentally and spiritually through asceticism.

Conflict between yourself and rules When in the dream the ascetic appears then this shows that the dreamer is in conflict with his natural instincts. Perhaps the dreamer avoids sexual or other contacts, because he is afraid or feels the need for restrictions. Sometimes he also warns that the dreamer has to narrow his own needs by strict moral codes and rules.

Psychological Meanings:

Desire for purity On the psychological level, the dreamer may search for purity inside himself or in others. Or maybe he is afraid of the purity that has been living inside and now appears to clean the soul and personality.

Spiritual Meanings:

Development of personality Asceticism in the dream may stand as an attempt to find the spirituality in life and to promote the development of the will.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Success in life if see the ascetic – In the dream to meet or to see the ascetic, then this means development of your own fascinating ideas, good and wise friends which will help any time.

* Please, see meaning of hermit.

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