Asians dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

Fear Everything depends on your own personal viewpoint, which is hidden in a dream as a symbolism of Asians. It is possible that your subconscious sends you a sign that you deeply have a fear to lose your quality of life. ( Because Asian mass-produced may flood the market and a number of Asian immigrants).

Desire for spiritual development If you are interested in spiritual topics, then Asians symbolize the wisdom of the Far Eastern culture (Buddhism). You search for something which may improve or develop your personality and thoughts.

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  1. I had a dream about trying to find my way somewhere and then came to a place of rest and there was a elderly asian woman with thin white hair and had a walker to assist her with getting around. We began talking and she replied that she was so hungry so I said why not go and get something to eat. She said in time I will and we kept on talking. I realized I needed to go on my way and she stopped me because she wanted to give me a gift. I said oh no no you don’t need to give me anything and she said yes, yes I do. She reached in the clutter of her bag and pulled out a pink colored round bottle. She said it was healing tea or healing bath balm. On the bottom it said Sienna of the bottle. I went over to hug her lightly in showing my appreciation of her kindness and gently grazed her cheek.
    A tube of bright colored lipstick fell out of her bag and two cards that resembled ID’s or credit cards and I tried to give them back to her but she wouldn’t take them and went on her way.
    I have no idea what this dream means or what it represents.