Association dream meanings

General Meanings:

Desire to belong to group If the dreamer is a member in an association in his dream, possibly in a sports club, he emphasizes the right of every people to belong to a group of their own choice. The association may indicate the need for contact with like-minded and wise people. But also this dream gives a sign to follow more his own head, not to listen to others, as well as not to adapt to every fashion.


Not ready The dreamer is not mature psychologically to be a member of a group, when he can not make a decision to enter or not the association in the dream. If he stands in his dream in the middle of a crowd of people, then this may show that the dreamer desires for self-expression.


Well-ordered rituals which are common in the life of the association, can be an important part of spiritual awareness.

* Please, see meaning of club.

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