Asthma dream meanings


Loss of emotional security.


To which part of myself will I give more attention in the future?

General Meanings:

Desire to act more freely All the dreams of physical impairment due to illness point to real problems, but someone who suffers from asthma is more likely wish of being able to breathe freely, because of his illness. For a healthy person, however, the dream of asthma may thus be a reminder of real physical problems. Mostly here are also fears of authority behind it. Your own arguments are not accepted. Someone or something compress the soul in the waking life because of inability to breathe freely.

Psychological Meanings:

Sign of disease Asthma can occur in a dream in a way of attack, then there is a body-induced dream, which is based on diseases of the respiratory system or the heart which must be investigated thoroughly.

Inability to deal with worries Asthma often appears in dreams of healthy people, because the weight of responsibilities and problems that can not be developed and almost suffocate person.

For children, asthma attacks occur in their dreams, often by over-protection of mother, this brings fear and hinders their development.

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