Astrology dream meanings

General Meanings:

Development of personality and improvement of inner world The dream about astrology is understood as a wise counselor. He may give the ability and help for the dreamer to become more successful and to seek personal development. It can also encourage the dreamer to seek greater self-awareness and expansion of consciousness.The dreamer has to pay more attention to spiritual things nor to material things.

Psychological Meanings:

Need for help The dreamer is looking for a sign which shows him the way out of his tangled life circumstances. Instead of dealing intensively with his problems, he is looking for a counselor who relieves him from this. Only if the dreamer wants to seek and to assume his responsibilities, then a responsible astrologer can help him to know and to find the way out of this tangled life.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Huge abilities if work on or be interested in astrology – Such a dream when you are interested in astrology, this signifies that you may have huge and hidden skills that should be shown and explored. Only then you may reach better life and satisfaction;
  • Success if see an astrologer or talk with him – In the dream you see an astrologer and talk with him, this dream announces you greater success than ever before. You have deserve this because of your great efforts and hard work;
  • Need of advice if visit or go to an astrologer – When you are visiting or going to an astrologer, this is a sign that you are looking for advice and guidance in your life. Now you are in the crossroad and you need to find and to choose the right way;
  • Changes if see astrological signs – In the dream you see astrological signs, this means that you will make discoveries and insights which are relevant to the further life. This dream denotes that you will have important and positive changes in your life.

* Please, see meaning of horoscope.

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  1. In a dream I was planned by father for going to unknown place foreign tour. On the airport, I remembered my passport ticket. It was in purse but I was already late to reach air port and I could not find easily. After some try I got my passport and photos. The place I have to go it was a small place but unknown for me.

  2. I was dreaming of a butterflies that was a little girl and I also was dreaming of a fortuneteller.I also dram about being held at knife point by my sister and also about some kind of demondbut I could not see his face.