Attic dream meanings


Higher consciousness, memory, stored past.


What’s “up there” that I want to take as my own?

Why I am afraid to explore ?

General Meanings:

Use your experience In the attic we mostly keep things that are old or you do not even need. In the dream the attic refers to memories and old feelings. Maybe the dreamer has to deal with his past or to use his past experience. Also this dream may show that may be there are a lot of useful things.

Psychological Meanings:

Experience or new things The attic should be clean and tidy as our head. It may not accumulate junk and unnecessary things. Dreams about the attic are always a little suspicious. This has much to do with childhood memories, memories of curiosity, banned searching and earlier erotic experiences. In the dreams of the attic we also encounter with strange, ancient and unknown content.

The negative meaning of this dream when the fire is in the attic. Then a fire breaks out in your head and this dreams can announce about starting mental disorders.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Marriage if see attic – In the dream you see an attic then for a single people this announces engagement;
  • Warning if see attic – For a married couples the dream of attic marks that they have to avoid flirtations and playful sexual attraction;
  • Unknown place if climb to the attic – In the dream you climb to the attic, then this dream denotes that you are moving toward unknown areas of your life because you do not know what you will find there.

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3 responses

  1. I have a recurring dream of a attic it’s always a nightmare I can’t go in the attic because it’s full of nightmarish things I always try to block the door and stay away, it scared me to death.

  2. Hello, today I had two dreams, both involving a house and an attic. In the first one, i was in the house i used to live in when i was a kid. I was up at the attic, looking at things. I dont really remember what kind of things i found there, but i know there was alot of them yet none seemed familiar. The attic was bright but quite narrow so that i couldn’t completely stand up. Suddenly one of the things there was caught of fire and i decided to burn the whole attic down instead of puttng down the fire. Afterwards i called my mom and apologized. I dont recall the second dream very well but I know that i found a small beautiful house when i was lost in the woods. I became friends with the girl living there and visited her often. Yet i know that before, the attic of that house got burned down too. I dont know if it was me who burned it down but it might have been me. Inside of the house was beautiful and luxurious but the attic was off limits because it got burned. What could this mean?

  3. I have had a recurring dream of seeing myself from above, like as though I am in the clouds. In this aerial view, I see myself as a child in a pink sleeping gown and looking outside of the attic window in a nice white house. The house is on a green, clean lawn. Every time I wake from this dream I have a feeling that it means something.