Auction dream meanings

General Meanings:

Desire to have something In the dream to be in an auction, so the dream can be related with personal ambition of owning something. The main question is, what exactly you have bid on – perhaps for a career position. It also depends how much did you offer more or less and was it actually worth. If so, you should probably think about your ambition and abilities.

Psychological Meanings:

It stands for positive participation in public and the willingness and the ability to use positive sense or to dissipate the negative emotions.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Warning if sell something in the auction – Your belongings will be auctioned in the dream, then this dream is an unfavorable sign, you have to be very attentive otherwise you will be exploited by a friend;
  • Good time if auctioneer calls out prices – This dream is very positive because shows good prospects and fair approach in business enterprises.

* Please, see meaning of attorney, lawyer.

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