Authorities dream meanings

General Meanings:

In any case the dream of authorities means that you are helpless and you do not have any mercy in this circumstances. It doesn’t care that you are right or not. You will have lots of work and efforts if you want to reach your goals and plans.

Psychological Meanings:

In waking life this dream indicates your psychological aversion against injustice and domination.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Some worries if dream authorities – Your dream is about authorities means mostly inconvenience in your life. But everything will be good because you will overcome all troubles and worries;
  • Hardship if be prosecuted or punished – In the dream you are┬áprosecuted or punished, then this dream indicates that you will have some suffering because of your irresponsibility;
  • Joy and luck if be acquitted – In the dream you will be acquitted, then this dream is very positive and this announces happiness and success.

* Please, see meaning of office.

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