Authority dream meanings

General Meanings:

The advice and support Occasionally we encounter in our dreams with authority figures. They usually appear in our dreams to teach and to lead and to try to impose their will on us. The first authority figures who come into our lives are the parents, but also they can appear as priests, judges, kings / queens or head teacher.

Don’t forget your responsibilities Sometimes these figures remind us our duties or responsibilities that we would rather forget. The solemn Cardinal or a strict dictator, they come to our subconscious in order to share with us an aspect of what we actually already know, but maybe do not want to admit.

Sign and help Authority figures in a dream can appear with many forms, such as traffic police and controllers or captains, ambassadors, hosts and prophets. More important is the message that they carry to us, as this is significant not only for a problem, but for the entire life of the dreamer.

Psychological Meanings:

You must find the reason Sometimes the appearance of that person in a dream symbolizes an anxiety since childhood. They may represent the fear to fail or to loose the soul. If this dream is recurring then you should find out the cause and look at the world critically. Maybe you should look for a new authority.

* Please, see meaning of people.

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