Automaton (machine) dream meanings

General Meanings:

According to Freud the dream symbol of Automaton might be interpreted sexually, because you have to put in something in order to come out and to create. Also this dream warns against unnecessary spending and you have to exercise restraint in these days. But it can also announce that you will achieve a very simple purpose.

Psychological Meanings:

Need of rest Slot machines are a symbol for relaxation – you need to have a rest after tension, you need more spare time and to be more active and alive.

Ability of changes General machines symbolize events in the everyday routine, you have an ability to make it easier by flexible and useful action.

Stuck in routine Who dreams of being a machine and spit out any object, this can be interpreted that you recognize the fact that your life almost completely entrenched by habits and “automatic responses”. You work and live only “on demand”, and you imagination and an intense emotional life have gone, you have lost yourself as a personality.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Good life if see a functioning automaton – In the dream you see perfectly working automaton, then this means that your life goes well;
  • Time to stop if automaton with defectives – This means that you have to stop for awhile from travel, important decisions and business because this may bring you problems;
  • Joy if see vending machine – You are dreaming a vending machine, then this dream denotes that you have a pleasant event in near future;
  • No success if see stamp dispenser – This means that you will have to do something important, but you will have only a partial success.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Lots of work if see a machine or deal with it – This dream marks that you love the convenience and in your life you seek for this. You will have success, but you have to put lots of efforts.

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